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Sports Naturopathy: Working with Athletes in Naturopathic Practice - Dr. Damian Kristof & Kate Smyth

Jul 18, 22

Kate Smyth, former Olympic and Commonwealth competitor turned sports naturopath and Director of the Athlete Sanctuary shares her insights into supporting athletes using naturopathic medicine with Dr. Damian Kristof. 

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Sports Nutrition: Male vs. Female Athletes with Kira Sutherland

Sep 28, 20

Naturopath and sports nutritionist Kira Sutherland discusses the lack of research surrounding women in sports, the challenges surrounding completing research in this area, and some of the treatment approaches she uses in her own clinic to differentiate between the needs of male and female athletes.

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Fuelling for CrossFit with Natalie Bourke

Mar 21, 18

Today Natalie shares the virtues of CrossFit, how to adequately fuel to meet the physical demands of CrossFit and how to mitigate risks associated with such high-intensity, and varied exercise.

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Mar 19, 18

Manipulating dietary macronutrient ratios to maximise athletic performance is an evolving topic of research in sports nutrition. One area of increasing interest in recent years is the effect of a low carbohydrate, high fat diet in endurance sports.

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Understanding Sports Nutrition with Kira Sutherland

Mar 14, 18

This podcast will answer many questions about the differences we see between holistic dietary interventions and performance-focussed sports nutrition. 

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