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Sports Naturopathy: Working with Athletes in Naturopathic Practice - Dr. Damian Kristof & Kate Smyth

Jul 18, 22

Kate Smyth, former Olympic and Commonwealth competitor turned sports naturopath and Director of the Athlete Sanctuary shares her insights into supporting athletes using naturopathic medicine with Dr. Damian Kristof. 

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Athletes with Kate Smyth

Sep 18, 20

In this episode Naturopath Kate Smyth shares her story of going from causal runner to Olympic athlete in just eight short years, and takes us through the warning signs, causes and treatment options of iron deficiency anaemia in athletes. 

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No Period. Now What? with Dr Nicola Rinaldi

Aug 27, 20

Dr Nicola Rinaldi discusses some of the causes and contributors of hypothalamic ammenorhoea (HA), as well as her recommendations to help clients recover from this condition. 

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Understanding Sports Nutrition with Kira Sutherland

Mar 14, 18

This podcast will answer many questions about the differences we see between holistic dietary interventions and performance-focussed sports nutrition. 

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