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Sulforaphane: Gateway to Cellular Defence with Dr Christine Houghton

Aug 12, 21

Dr Christine Houghton returns to FX Medicine to discuss sulforaphane, its’ benefits and uses for various conditions, and why we should change the way we think about probiotics, antioxidants, and the overall way in which we approach treating our patients.

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Histamine, Homocysteine and Health with Joanne Kennedy

May 26, 21

Naturopath Joanne Kennedy takes us through the ins and outs of the biochemistry of histamine and homocysteine in the body and how they affect our health.

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Jan 08, 20

The importance of a healthy digestive system has long been recognised by complementary health professionals including naturopaths and herbalists. This concept is not new however, with Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, reportedly stating that “all disease begins in the gut” over 2000 years ago.

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Leaky Gut Syndrome: Fact or Fiction? with Brad Leech

Dec 19, 19

Leaky gut doesn’t syndrome exist! Find out why in this episode with Brad Leech, as he takes us through intestinal permeability.

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Oct 30, 19

Medium chain triglycerides, more commonly known as MCTs, first made their way onto the market as ‘super fats’ in the 1950s, then almost completely disappeared due to emerging health concerns with excessive saturated fat consumption. Recently, MCTs have regained popularity – especially in the form of coconut oil – due to their unique properties that have been repeatedly found to positively influence body composition, general health and athletic performance.

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