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Exercise, Training, and the Influence of Female Sex Hormones with Lisa Costa Bir and Dr. Stacy Sims

Mar 12, 24

Dr. Stacy Sims, expert on female physiology & training, outlines the current understanding on how training for women differs from men. Joined by fx Ambassador Lisa Costa-Bir, they explore the impact fluctuating hormones have on various aspects of exercise and maintenance of a lean body mass.

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PEA: Perspectives from a Pharmaconutritionist with Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Dr. Paul Clayton

Feb 13, 24

Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaconutritionist Paul Clayton explores new ways of looking at healthcare and prevention vs reaction, and the role of PEA in counteracting the current Western dietary landscape that is highly pro-inflammatory.

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Fish oils & Omega-3s: Sustainability, safety & testing Emma Sutherland & Dr. Kristina Harris Jackson

Aug 01, 23

Dr. Kristina Harris Jackson, omega-3 specialist, and FX Medicine Ambassador Emma Sutherland deep dive into fish oils

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The Endometriosis Series: The Specialist with Emma Sutherland and Dr. Andrew Orr

Sep 27, 22

Dr. Andrew Orr rounds up the final part of our Endometriosis Series as we look at this complex condition from the perspective of an endometriosis clinical specialist. 

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The Keys to Metabolic Balance with Cherry Wills

Aug 19, 21

Nutritionist Cherry Wills takes us through the high prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases and the core principles of the Metabolic Balance program.

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Approaches to Thyroid Health with Natalie Douglas

Jul 08, 21

Nutritionist and Dietician Natalie Douglas returns to FX Medicine to discuss the strategies she uses in her own clinical practice to treat thyroid patients.

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Supporting Healthy Shift Workers with Audra Starkey

Sep 04, 20

Audra Starkey, aka The Healthy Shift Worker, discusses the impacts shift work can have on a person and identifies key actions workers can take to help mitigate these risks.

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Balancing Brain Chemistry with Dr William Walsh

Jun 03, 20

Dr Walsh has been educating medical professionals all over the world how to implement his clinically proven and evidence-based methods for restoring imbalances in neurochemical pathways

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