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The Connections Between Dental Health and Chronic Disease with Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Nov 27, 19

Did you know that optimal dental health can affect athletic performance, heart health and even cancer risk? This is the knowledge that holistic dentist Dr Lewis Ehrlich wishes everyone would learn.

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The Dental Diet with Dr Steven Lin

May 25, 18

As a dentist, Dr Steven Lin is witnessing the relationships between dental health and systemic health and/or disease. It has prompted him to re-examine the underlying causative factors and resulted in him writing a book; "The Dental Diet". He talks to use today about what he's uncovered. 

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Jan 26, 18

The link between gum and oral health and other infectious and inflammatory diseases, such as heart disease, is well documented.[1] So maintaining healthy teeth and gums is integral for general health and wellbeing.

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