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Insomnia: Beyond Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Dr. Frank Cahill

Apr 04, 23

Dr. Frank Cahill, clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist discusses sleep, common contributors to sleep issues, and proven strategies to quickly improve sleep patterns.  

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The Connections Between Dental Health and Chronic Disease with Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Nov 27, 19

Did you know that optimal dental health can affect athletic performance, heart health and even cancer risk? This is the knowledge that holistic dentist Dr Lewis Ehrlich wishes everyone would learn.

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Jul 08, 19

The impact of sleep and circadian dysregulation on our metabolic health are complex and multifaceted. Supporting healthy sleep habits are vital to reducing the burden of diabetes

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Sleep Hygiene: Part 2 with Narelle Hentschel

Nov 28, 18

In this Part 2 episode we delve more specifically, into how sleep hygiene techniques can be partnered with judicious, carefully selected nutritional and herbal therapies to quickly resolve sleep issues.  

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Sleep Hygiene: Part 1 with Narelle Hentschel

Nov 23, 18

What is the healing power of sleep? In this two part series, we explore this essential element to wellbeing with Naturopath, Norelle Hentschel. 

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The Power of Breathing with Mim Beim

Jul 19, 17

According to Mim Beim, teaching patients to breath better helps them heal faster. Today she shares some insights into Buteyko and diaphragmatic breathing and the diversity of benefits it offers as an adjunct in naturopathic treatment. 

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