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Stress Resilience & Practical Prescribing: Dr Adrian Lopresti and Dr Julia Rucklidge

Nov 29, 21

Dr Adrian Lopresti and Dr Julia Rucklidge discuss the biochemistry of stress and her research into the impact of nutrients for people after extreme disasters such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks.

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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Part 1 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Apr 07, 20

Dr Mark Donohoe returns to discuss Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS, a condition affecting the autonomic nervous system. 

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Adrenal Fatigue is a Myth: Part 2 with Beth Bundy

Oct 11, 19

Continung on from Part 1, in this episode Beth Bundy takes us through the various ways we can test patient's cortisol and the relevant pros and cons. 

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Oct 09, 19

So how exactly do happiness, positivity, and socialization improve health? They profoundly influence stress levels, inflammation, and the release of feel-good chemicals, all of which play roles in autoimmune management.

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Oct 08, 19

Your inner world deeply affects all aspects of your physical health, including function of the immune system, brain, hormones, and so on. Simply put, positivity makes for better health.

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Mar 04, 19

It is becoming increasingly clear that the physiological effects of stress can include a negative impact on fertility in both women and men. Evidence for adaptogens is something to consider. 

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Feb 15, 19

A 2014 study published in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health concluded that middle-aged men are more likely to experience premature death due to worrying and frequent arguing with partners, relatives, friends and neighbours. The study, which sampled nearly 10,000 men and women, showed that men who experienced frequent stressful social situations such as worries and demands from their spouses and children had a 50-100% increased mortality risk.[1]

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Dec 20, 18

Something so simple, taking a relaxing bath, can now be considered an evidence-based lifestyle prescription. A recent randomised, controlled, cross-over study from Japan has found that the benefits of a hot bath for just 10 minutes a day improves both physical and emotional aspects of quality of life.

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