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The Mental Health Crisis: Promoting Wellbeing for Our Patients and Ourselves

Sep 27, 21

The all-new hosts of FX Medicine - Dr Adrian Lopresti, Dr Damian Kristof, Emma Sutherland and Dr Michelle Woolhouse - come together with Dr Lesley Braun to discuss the growing mental health crisis.

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Evolutionary Medicine: Part 3 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Nov 25, 20

In the third and final episode of the Evolutionary Medicine series, Dr Mark Donohoe gives us a deeper understanding of why dysfunction may be happening as a result of evolution occurring faster than humans can adapt, resulting in widespread depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and neurodiversity.

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Probiotics for Depression and Anxiety with Dr Adrian Lopresti

Aug 03, 20

As we deepen our understanding of the gut-brain connection, what's becoming clear is that probiotics may have a powerful role to play in the management of mental health conditions. 

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Balancing Brain Chemistry with Dr William Walsh

Jun 03, 20

Dr Walsh has been educating medical professionals all over the world how to implement his clinically proven and evidence-based methods for restoring imbalances in neurochemical pathways

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Postnatal Care and Wellness with Julie Cottle

Jan 15, 20

In this episode, Naturopath and Certified Lactation Consultant Julie Cottle shares how best to support the health and wellness of new mothers during the postnatal period.

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Oct 09, 19

So how exactly do happiness, positivity, and socialization improve health? They profoundly influence stress levels, inflammation, and the release of feel-good chemicals, all of which play roles in autoimmune management.

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Oct 08, 19

Your inner world deeply affects all aspects of your physical health, including function of the immune system, brain, hormones, and so on. Simply put, positivity makes for better health.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Art Psychotherapy for Mental Health with Megan Shiell

May 08, 19

How familiar are you with borderline personality disorder? Have you heard of Dialectical Behaviour? In this podcast, we talk to Megan Shiells about this therapy and when you might refer clients for care.

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