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PEA: Perspectives from a Pharmaconutritionist with Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Dr. Paul Clayton

Feb 13, 24

Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaconutritionist Paul Clayton explores new ways of looking at healthcare and prevention vs reaction, and the role of PEA in counteracting the current Western dietary landscape that is highly pro-inflammatory.

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Mar 08, 19

What is the research telling us about the most effective herbal medicines for neuroprotection?

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Jan 11, 19

Could polyphenols and their influence on microbiota be an effective strategy for the prevention of neurodegeneration? Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds in many berries, fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, tea, coffee, cocoa, and wine. Polyphenols suppress neuroinflammation and protect neurons against oxidative stress and inflammatory injury, thus promoting memory, learning, and cognitive functions.

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Feb 05, 18

In today's high-paced society, L-theanine has a crucial role to play in the clinical management of stress, relaxation, cognition and sleep. 

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST: NEURODEGENERATION; a network of networks of networks with Dr David Haase

May 19, 15

According to Dr David Haase the human body is a network of networks of networks. As a functional neurologist, he is mindful of this fact when treating patients with neurodegenerative disease. 

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