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Vitamin D and food
Jun 26, 17

Most of us have heard of vitamin D, but did you know that it needs other vitamins and minerals to do its job properly in the body? Read on to find out which ones, what they do, and how you can make sure you’re helping this important vitamin to work as best it can!

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Vitamin K: The Misunderstood Vitamin with Dr Hogne Vik

Jun 15, 16

Vitamin K is a poorly understood fat-soluble vitamin that is making its way out of the shadows and into the light, thanks to new compounds supported by great evidence. Today we look at this evidence - could Vitamin K be the missing link you're looking for in certain conditions?

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Dec 14, 15

Adequate intake of vitamin K is linked to improved cognition and better behaviour performance in older adults, according to an observational cross-sectional study.

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