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Supporting Healthy Shift Workers with Audra Starkey

Sep 04, 20

Audra Starkey, aka The Healthy Shift Worker, discusses the impacts shift work can have on a person and identifies key actions workers can take to help mitigate these risks.

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Jul 08, 19

The impact of sleep and circadian dysregulation on our metabolic health are complex and multifaceted. Supporting healthy sleep habits are vital to reducing the burden of diabetes

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Cadiometabolic Syndrome: Part 1 with Dr Bradley McEwen

Oct 11, 18

Cardiometabolic syndrome(s) account for more deaths in Australia than any other single disease. In today's podcast we're joined by Dr Bradley McEwen to tap into his expertise on this topic. 

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Movement is Medicine for PCOS with Professor Nigel Stepto

Jul 11, 18

As a clinician and researcher, Professor Nigel Stepto is an expert in the area of exercise and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Today he shares his expertise on movement as medicine for PCOS.

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Lara Briden PCOS

Feb 15, 17

Women's health expert Dr Lara Briden takes us through the complexities of the PCOS patient picture and the many opportunities complementary medicine offers to sufferers where traditional medical approaches may have missed the mark. 

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