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Antimicrobial herbs: Optimising gut health with Emma Sutherland and Dr Brad Leech

Jun 04, 24

Dr Brad Leech and Emma Sutherland discuss key microbiome concepts, emphasising the importance of distinguishing between pathogens and pathobionts, the latest on testing methods, microbial richness vs diversity, and the safe use of antimicrobial herbs, including Brad’s four rules for clinical practice: Test, Reflect, Protect, and Regenerate.  

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Autoimmunity and the key role of the gut microbiome with Lisa Costa-Bir and Dr. Brad Leech

Apr 09, 24

Join fx Medicine Ambassador Lisa Costa-Bir and Dr. Brad Leech as they deep dive into the connection between gut microbiome health and autoimmunity, with a focus on understanding functional and pathology tests, clinical presentations, and appropriate therapeutics to support patients holistically.

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Melatonin mechanisms of action & it’s amazing role beyond sleep with Adrian Lopresti & Deanna Minich

Feb 27, 24

Dr. Deanna Minich, nutrition scientist, lecturer, and author, breaks down melatonin by type, functions and regulatory mechanism. Alongside Dr. Adrian Lopresti they offer an enlightening and actionable podcast that sheds light on this neurotransmitter often associated with sleep, revealing its myriad functional benefits for overall health.

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Nov 01, 18

Mind-body medicine (MBM) encompasses a variety of therapies that consider the synergy between the mind, body, emotions and behaviour as well as the way in which these, combined with social and spiritual factors, can have a direct impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing.[1]

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Aug 14, 15

A recent review on intestinal microbiota and probiotics in coeliac disease (CD) revealed that research into CD and the effect of gluten on the intestinal-immune health in adults has only been studied since 2012; prior to that children were the cohort subjects.

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Jun 30, 15

Exciting new research is helping us understand how a broad spectrum probiotic may also play a role in the prevention and management of obesity and metabolic disorders.

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