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Melatonin mechanisms of action & it’s amazing role beyond sleep with Adrian Lopresti & Deanna Minich

Feb 27, 24

Dr. Deanna Minich, nutrition scientist, lecturer, and author, breaks down melatonin by type, functions and regulatory mechanism. Alongside Dr. Adrian Lopresti they offer an enlightening and actionable podcast that sheds light on this neurotransmitter often associated with sleep, revealing its myriad functional benefits for overall health.

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Balancing Brain Chemistry with Dr William Walsh

Jun 03, 20

Dr Walsh has been educating medical professionals all over the world how to implement his clinically proven and evidence-based methods for restoring imbalances in neurochemical pathways

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Oct 09, 19

So how exactly do happiness, positivity, and socialization improve health? They profoundly influence stress levels, inflammation, and the release of feel-good chemicals, all of which play roles in autoimmune management.

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Oct 08, 19

Your inner world deeply affects all aspects of your physical health, including function of the immune system, brain, hormones, and so on. Simply put, positivity makes for better health.

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The Neurobiology of Libido with Vanita Dahia

Feb 28, 18

Vanita Dahia shares with us how integrative, personalised medicine is in a unique position to help patients bring stability to the neurological and endocrine functions that govern the chemical signals that facilitate sexual arousal.

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Part 1: Navigating Neurotransmitters with Trudy Scott

Feb 14, 18

Trudy takes us through the core neurotransmitters that influence our mood and behaviour and how to recognise the patient presentation when they're out of balance.

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Apr 24, 17

S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) is integral to cellular metabolism and as the major methyl donor in the body. SAMe is involved in the methylation of a diverse range of compounds including phospholipids, DNA, RNA, proteins and neurotransmitters. It is also involved in two other important pathways – transsulfuration which produces glutathione, and aminopropylation which synthesises polyamines.

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Mar 20, 17

Taking an in-depth look at the background, key benefits, clinical applications and mechanisms of action of the various forms of folate available in therapeutics and food. 

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