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Apr 03, 24

Bioflavonoids, also known as vitamin P due to their effect on vascular permeability,1 are a group of compounds that are found throughout many plants, fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Bioflavonoids belong to the polyphenol group of plant compounds2 which are an extensive group of phytochemicals produced by plants in response to stress as a plant defence mechanism.3 To date over 8,000 different polyphenols have been identified.3 Though polyphenols differ in chemical structure, all share the same structural feature of an aromatic ring and at least one hydroxyl group.3 (See Figure 1)

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Melatonin mechanisms of action & it’s amazing role beyond sleep with Adrian Lopresti & Deanna Minich

Feb 27, 24

Dr. Deanna Minich, nutrition scientist, lecturer, and author, breaks down melatonin by type, functions and regulatory mechanism. Alongside Dr. Adrian Lopresti they offer an enlightening and actionable podcast that sheds light on this neurotransmitter often associated with sleep, revealing its myriad functional benefits for overall health.

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REPLAY: Four Perspectives: Chronic Pain and Inflammation Part 1

Feb 06, 24

Chronic pain, an insidious and wide-reaching health concern, affects up to 68% of working age people in Australia. The mechanics of chronic pain differ vastly to that of acute pain. Join the discussion in detail with Professor Lesley Braun facilitating the FX Medicine ambassadors in part 1 of Four Perspectives: Chronic Pain and Inflammation.

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Four Perspectives: Chronic Pain and Inflammation Part 1

May 02, 23

Professor Lesley Braun is joined by our four Ambassadors to gain their four modality-specific perspectives on chronic pain and inflammation. 

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The Evolving Science on Depression & Inflammation with Dr Adrian Lopresti and Professor Michael Berk

May 24, 22

Professor Michael Berk discusses the evolving research on mental health conditions with Dr. Adrian Lopresti, connecting inflammation & mental health & the benefits of nutraceuticals for the treatment of mental health conditions.

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Apr 29, 19

The evidence continues to grow for this colourful culinary spice, showing benefits in a range of health applications including eye health, Alzheimer's, mental health and weight management. 

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Feb 08, 19

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is typically felt 24-72 hours after unaccustomed or strenuous activity, or muscle overload, and is most commonly felt after eccentric exercise.[1]

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Enzymes: Beyond Digestion with Bec Guild

Sep 19, 18

In this podcast Bec Guild shares how we can use enzymes for inflammation, pain, infection resistance...

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