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Melatonin mechanisms of action & it’s amazing role beyond sleep with Adrian Lopresti & Deanna Minich

Feb 27, 24

Dr. Deanna Minich, nutrition scientist, lecturer, and author, breaks down melatonin by type, functions and regulatory mechanism. Alongside Dr. Adrian Lopresti they offer an enlightening and actionable podcast that sheds light on this neurotransmitter often associated with sleep, revealing its myriad functional benefits for overall health.

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Sleep and Sleep Disorders: Part 2 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Jul 24, 20

In the second part of this two episode series, Dr Mark Donohoe returns to dive deeper into the various treatments used to combat a poor nights' sleep.

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Sleep and Sleep Disorders: Part 1 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Jul 17, 20

Dr Mark Donohoe; sleep and sleep disorders: separating the facts from the fiction. 

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Integrative Oncology: Safe Supplementation with Dr Lise Alschuler

Nov 01, 17

We speak to Dr Lise Alshuler to find out; What are the real facts about safety when it comes to supplements alongside cancer therapies? 

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Electromagnetic Fields: Danger in Disguise?

Apr 19, 17

In this podcast Nicole Bijlsma helps to seperate the fact from the fiction when it comes to illness derived from electromagnetic fields (EMF). 

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