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Electromagnetic Fields: Danger in Disguise?

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Electromagnetic Fields: Danger in Disguise?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are produced by anything with an electrical current running through it and they pose a real, yet invisible impact on human health.

In today's podcast we welcome back naturopath and building biologist, Nicole Bijlsma, to share her wealth of information on the topic of EMF and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Nicole takes us through the history of EMF and expertly separates fact from fiction. She also discusses how to recognise and explore EHS and provides guidance on risk minimisation for potential sufferers. 

Covered in this episode:

[00:50] Welcoming back Nicole Bijlsma
[02:36] Today's Topic: Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
[02:48] Defining what is EMF? 
[03:34] Schumann resonance: implications for space travel
[06:10] The frequency 7.83Hz
[07:45] How the first concerns about EMF were raised
[08:01] High voltage transmission lines and childhood leukaemia
[09:20] Proximity to high voltage transmission lines
[10:36] Impacts upon children to be considered
[12:09] Mechanisms of action of EMF: positive and negatives
[13:02] The EMF Paradox: mechanisms for health vs harm
[15:00] Systemic oxidative stress and inflammation
[15:50] EMF can affect tight junctions in blood-brain-barrier
[16:28] Why is the evidence so variable?
[19:52] Comparing studies of different design
[23:38] Can we just switch off?
[28:50] Effect of removing EMF on wellbeing
[30:15] When to suspect EMF issues?
[32:40] Facts on ear pieces & protective shields for devices
[33:34] Personal options for testing
[38:06] Identifying why some people react and others don’t?
[40:53] Living in modern times
[46:20] What are the necessary next phases of research?
[48:10] Final summary and thanks

Research explored in this podcast

Wertheimer N, Leeper E. Electrical Wiring Configurations and Childhood Cancer. Am J Epidemiol 1979;109(3):273-284.

Additional Resources:

Nicole's Website: Building Biology
The Australian College of Environmental Studies
International Agency for Research on Cancer
European Academy of Environmental Medicine
Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses (EMF Syndrome) 
Building Biology: High Voltage Transmission and Power Lines
Building Biology: Electromagnetic fields - "we live in a sea of radiation"

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