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Vanita Dahia

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Vanita Dahia

Vanita Dahia is an integrative medicine clinical consultant pharmacist, naturopath and clinical nutritionist. She is a board certified fellow in anti-ageing and regenerative medicine providing clinical training programs and educational initiatives to doctors and allied health practitioners; a functional pathology clinical consultant; health services manager and international speaker. Vanita is a medical authority and extraordinary mentor to her peers and patients alike. As a presenter to her peers and community at large, she is engaging and insightful, making learning a dynamic experience for professional and personal growth. She has more than 30 years expertise in compounding pharmacy, functional pathology, herbal, ayurvedic and integrative medicine. Vanita received her training in anti-aging medicine through association and membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M and A5M) and Professional compounding Centres of America and Australia (PCCA).
Vanita is the author of Alchemy of the Mind and Alchemy of Amino Acids.


Jul 01, 2019

How confident are you with personalising amino acid prescriptions based on a person's unique physiology and health needs? Today we talk to Vanita Dahia, author of "Alchemy of Amino Acids" to learn more about these nutrients. 

Feb 13, 2019

What is motor neurone disease and how can we support patients with naturopathic care? Vanita Dahia joins us to share her expertise.

Feb 28, 2018

Vanita Dahia shares with us how integrative, personalised medicine is in a unique position to help patients bring stability to the neurological and endocrine functions that govern the chemical signals that facilitate sexual arousal.