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Complementary Medicine and Male Sexual Function with Lisa Costa-Bir and Daniel Robson

Nov 28, 23

Daniel Robson and Lisa Costa-Bir discuss the delicate but often avoided topic of male sexual dysfunction.

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Redefining Gender Attitudes with Kerrin Bradfield

May 13, 20

Sexologist Kerrin Bradfield clarifies issues surrounding gender, sexual orientation and identity, and outlines the best ways practitioners can support clients who are LGBTQIA.

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The Neurobiology of Libido with Vanita Dahia

Feb 28, 18

Vanita Dahia shares with us how integrative, personalised medicine is in a unique position to help patients bring stability to the neurological and endocrine functions that govern the chemical signals that facilitate sexual arousal.

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Dec 25, 17

Assessing anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) is becoming more commonplace in older women to provide a measure for fertility expectations, or 'ovarian reserve'. But what is the evidence telling us?

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The Microbiome: Beyond the Gut

Aug 19, 15

Not too long ago, beneficial bacteria was only thought about in relation to the gastrointestinal ecology. However in recent years we have discovered that the body plays host to a myriad of distinct bacterial colonies that play a vital role in health and disease.

In this episode Andrew and Dr Mark Donohoe discuss the microbiome beyond the gut with a focus on the reproductive system. As well as offering up some diet and lifestyle interventions that we as hosts can use to ensure the health of our resident bugs.

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Dec 06, 14

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of an extract of holy basil in the symptomatic control of general stress. 

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Optimising Male Reproductive Health

Oct 10, 14

This interview is essential listening for anyone who is interested in implementing practical measures for improving male reproductive health and sexual function.

Following up from his national seminar series on Men's Health, Dr Robert Buist discusses the healthy male physiology, the key factors that can interfere and impede on this and the nutritional, herbal and lifestyle approaches that have been shown to be of real benefit.

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