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Promising results for seaweed as sunscreen alternative
Apr 20, 18

Sunscreens contain inorganic or organic compounds called ‘filters’. These filters scatter and/or absorb ultra-violet radiation (UVR), resulting in reduced photo-ageing and keratoses. Despite these benefits, there are both ecological and human health concerns with sunscreens. 

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Reducing Toxic Burden: One Bite at a Time

Jul 26, 17

The human body is being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis and what's more overwhelming is: what can we do about it and where do we start? This is exactly what Tabitha McIntosh does everyday in clinical practice, today she shares her insights with FX Medicine.

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Jul 22, 16

The all-inclusive naturopathic approach to skin conditions can take people by surprise; here's why we need to delve more than "skin-deep"...

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Unravelling Detoxification with Dr Mark Donohoe

Nov 25, 15

With the benefit of over two decades of experience to look back on, Dr Mark Donohoe takes us through the changing face of detoxification.

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Oct 27, 15

As clinicians, we are in a frontline position to assist people to be more physiologically capable of interfacing with an increasingly toxic world.

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FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: The Hidden Epidemic - Toxicity Explained with Dr Joe Pizzorno

May 15, 15

Dr Joseph Pizzorno is one of the world's leading authorities on natural and integrative medicine. He was a key note speaker at the recent BioCeuticals Research Symposium in April 2015 and spoke extensively on the critical topic of toxicity. When Dr Pizzorno began his research into toxic exposure and human toxic load he could not have imagined the extent of the problem. In this interview conducted at BioCeuticals Resarch Symposium, Dr Pizzorno discusses the current human toxic load, the damage it can cause, symptoms of exposure and the range of treatments available.

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Toxicity and Detoxification with Dr Joseph Pizzorno

Nov 26, 14

In this interview Dr Joseph Pizzorno discusses the exciting advances in our understanding and treatment of toxicity and detoxification.

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