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Case Taking for Environmental Toxin Exposure with Nicole Bijlsma

Oct 26, 21

Dr Michelle Woolhouse and Nicole Bijlsma emphasize the importance of taking a comprehensive environmental exposure history. 

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Identifying Mould Illness with Amie Skilton

Jul 28, 20

What are the key ways to identify whether mould is an underlying factor in your patient's ongoing health issues? In this podcast we will be joined by Amie Skilton who will share with us her personal journey through mould illness and how she has gone one to study Environmental Medicine so she can help others navigate this life-altering, and often under recognised area of health care.


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5G Technology: Is the Risk Worth the Reward? with Nicole Bijlsma

Aug 01, 19

Nicole Bijlsma expertly navigates us through the knowledge gaps in research when it comes to 5G and why we all need to be aware of the potential biological effects to human health as well as the impacts it poses to our privacy and security.          

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Apr 16, 19

Andrew talks to the experts at the 2018 ASBB Environmental Health Conference and Expo

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Geomedicine with Nicole Bijlsma

Oct 04, 18

Do you know what geomedicine is, and its increasing role in the health of your patients? 

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Sep 05, 18

Sydney | October 2018 | Leaders in medical and environmental health educating about how buildings in which we live, study and

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The Exposome with Vanessa Hitch

May 08, 18

The exposome is the lifetime accumulation of toxic burden, spanning from conception to present day and takes into account your genetic and epigenetic makeup as well as your detoxification capabilities which handle this load.

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Reducing Toxic Burden: One Bite at a Time

Jul 26, 17

The human body is being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis and what's more overwhelming is: what can we do about it and where do we start? This is exactly what Tabitha McIntosh does everyday in clinical practice, today she shares her insights with FX Medicine.

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