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Mar 24, 20

In the age of nutrigenomics, further evidence is coming to light that suggests a greater need for omega-3 supplementation in individuals with certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), as revealed in DNA testing.

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Navigating Food Choices with Genes with Amanda Archibald

Apr 10, 19

In this podcast we're joined by culinary genomics expert Amanda Archibald who shares with us what genes can tells us about the foods we choose. 

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How Genes Impact Hormones with Dr Denise Furness

Aug 13, 18

Hormonal secretion, metabolism and excretion are all swayed by both our nutritional status and the many enzymes systems that may be up, or down-regulated as a result of our unique single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

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SNPs in Holistic Medicine with Linda Funnel-Milner and Dr Elvira Zilliacus

Jul 31, 18

SNP testing is booming in medicine but we need to be mindful of how these tests are being delivered and interpreted. Today we discuss how to deliver genetic results in the clinical setting to empower rather than burden clients. 

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Jul 27, 18

A number of chronic health concerns seen in children are linked to toxicity and resultant oxidative stress, enzyme dysfunction and inflammation. Some examples of these conditions include allergies and chemical sensitivities, immune dysfunction, neurological and behavioural conditions, and cardio-metabolic diseases.

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Jul 23, 18

Anxiety disorders appear to be caused by an interaction of biopsychosocial factors, including genetic vulnerability, which interact with situations, stress or trauma to produce clinically significant syndromes. Symptoms vary depending on the specific anxiety disorder.

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A Closer look at COMT and CBS Genes with Annalies Corse

Jul 18, 18

Today we talk to Annalie Corse about the clinical relevance of COMT and CBS genes. Two important enzymes that are vital for healthy catecholamine, catechol estrogens, several drugs and homocysteine metabolism.

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Is Addiction in Our Genes? with Elizma Lambert

Jul 06, 18

What can your genes tell you about your potential for addictive tendendies? Today we welcome back naturopath, Elizma Lambert to share her expertise on this subject. 

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