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Male Infertility and Modern-day Challenges to Sperm Health with Belinda Kirkpatrick

Oct 19, 21

Emma Sutherland speaks with Belinda Kirkpatrick about male infertility and sperm health.

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How Sugar Influences Female Fertility with Georgia Marrion

Dec 15, 20

It's well established that sugar impacts metabolic health, but have you considered the impact to fertility?

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Jul 21, 20

When reviewing the potential impact of sugar intake on female reproductive health, factors to be considered include the various body systems, organs and tissues involved in (either or both) glucose metabolism and reproductive function, and the bidirectional functional relationships between many of them (covered in Part 1). Following on from these interconnections, how sugar can impact these body systems, organs and tissues, both individually and via their functional interconnection, and the clinical relevance of these effects also needs to be considered. This will be covered in Part 2.

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Feb 07, 20

The use of non-natural sweeteners, interchangeably known as artificial or intense sweeteners, is broad both geographically and in terms of the multitude of ingested substances they are incorporated in. Characterised as low caloric additives that act as sugar substitutes in predominantly ‘low-energy’ or ‘low sugar’ foods and drinks, their extensive and increasing use in recent decades is attributed to the increased prevalence of obesity and metabolic pathologies and consequent shift towards low carbohydrate/low sugar dietary patterns.

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Miscarriage and Pregnancy After Loss with Grace Miano

Jan 10, 20

Nutritionist and fertility specialist Grace Miano discusses the tender subject of miscarraige in an effort to break down the stigma and taboo of miscarriage. 

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Jul 05, 19

The use of myoinositol combined with folic acid was shown to be a safe and promising tool in the effective improvement of symptoms and infertility for patients with PCOS.

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Mar 04, 19

It is becoming increasingly clear that the physiological effects of stress can include a negative impact on fertility in both women and men. Evidence for adaptogens is something to consider. 

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