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The link between childhood metabolic syndrome and sugar
Oct 22, 18

Childhood obesity is a serious health issue and an early risk factor for obesity in adulthood, leading to morbidity and mortality. The odds ratio of obese toddlers is 1.3 for becoming obese adults, but increases to 17.5 in adolescents. Those who remain obese in adulthood are prone to a cluster of diseases and disorders called metabolic syndrome (MetSy).[1] Worldwide, this syndrome is present in 20-25% of the population, while in Australia it is estimated to affect 1 in 3 adults.

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How Sugar Disables Immunity with Amie Skilton

May 02, 18

In today's podcast we're joined by Amie Skilton who takes us through how, at a cellular level, sugar is compromising our immune resilience.

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May 01, 17

Our children suffer from the diseases of alcohol, without the alcohol, writes the leader of the global ‘anti-sugar’ movement.

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Mar 13, 17

In a study of 1623 adolescents, the average sugar intake was roughly 23 teaspoons per day. The impact this is having on the progression of metabolic disease needs addressing. 

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The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Prof Robert Lustig

Feb 10, 17

The evidence can no longer be ignored, sugar is to blame for the continual rise in chronic disease. Prof Robert Lustig is a paediatric neuroendocrinologist, researcher, clinician and pioneer of the anti-sugar movement.

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Eating for Immunity

May 11, 16

We are probably in the habit of recommending key dietary interventions for chronic disease - but how in-depth are we getting with our advice for acute immunity - eg. infections, coughs, colds and flus? Dr Mark Donohoe, as always, delivers some interesting and salient points.

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