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REPLAY: Interpreting Pathology: Hormones Beyond Fertility with Emma Sutherland & Rhiannon Hardingham

Sep 06, 22

Specialist reproductive health naturopath, Rhiannon Hardingham joins with our ambassador, Emma Sutherland, to discuss the beneficial role of conventional pathology testing when working with hormones and overall health, beyond the scope of fertility & reproductive health. 

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Postnatal Care and Wellness with Julie Cottle

Jan 15, 20

In this episode, Naturopath and Certified Lactation Consultant Julie Cottle shares how best to support the health and wellness of new mothers during the postnatal period.

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Aug 05, 19

Recently there has been an explosion in the popularity of drinking 500mL of celery juice each day across celebrity, social media and general wellness circles. But is there any evidence to support the use of celery juice for these purported health benefits? Or is it just another short-lived wellness trend?

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Digestion, Biodiversity and Wellbeing with Dr Mark Donohoe

Apr 20, 16

This podcast explores the many facets of managing the commensal and pathogenic organisms that live within and upon for supporting wellbeing.

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Pioneering Wellness with Prof Marc Cohen

Apr 13, 16

Prof Marc Cohen is a pioneer of the wellness industry. Championing research, mentoring students and occupying positions on many medical and integrative medicine boards. He's also regularly representing the industry in the media. Today we explore his research and the many other functions of his career. 

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