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All Things Adaptogens: Lessons from Russia with Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Sophia Gerontako

Jan 28, 22

Dr. Adrian Lopresti and Naturopath Sophia Gerontakos discuss all things adaptogens.

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The Fusion of Western and Eastern Herbal Medicine with Paul Keogh

Apr 01, 20

Naturopath and herbalist Paul Keogh discusses the synergy and commonalities between Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine.

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Mar 04, 19

It is becoming increasingly clear that the physiological effects of stress can include a negative impact on fertility in both women and men. Evidence for adaptogens is something to consider. 

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Pioneering Wellness with Prof Marc Cohen

Apr 13, 16

Prof Marc Cohen is a pioneer of the wellness industry. Championing research, mentoring students and occupying positions on many medical and integrative medicine boards. He's also regularly representing the industry in the media. Today we explore his research and the many other functions of his career. 

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Feb 08, 16

Our ability to cope with stress depends largely on the complex interactions between components of our hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis). The adrenal cortex figures prominently in the manifestation of adrenal fatigue due to disregulation of the production of cortisol. Adrenal fatigue is not widely medically recognised, and lies somewhere between the underactivity of Addison’s disease and the overactivity of Cushing’s Disease, where cortisol levels lie at the extremes. 

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