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Adrenal Fatigue is a Myth: Part 2 with Beth Bundy

Oct 11, 19

Continung on from Part 1, in this episode Beth Bundy takes us through the various ways we can test patient's cortisol and the relevant pros and cons. 

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Figuring Out Fatigue with Dr Carri Drzyzga

Apr 12, 17

When does tiredness become fatigue? How does the clinical picture change and how is a diagnosis reached?

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Finding Freedom from Fatigue with Tammy Guest

Mar 22, 17

Tammy Guest is an expert in the business of fatigue and the fatigue of running your own business. A successful naturopathic clinician, entrepreneur, published author, mentor and helicopter pilot in-training - today, Tammy shares her personal story of battling burn out, and how she turned this into a major specialisation of her practice.

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Dissecting Chronic Fatigue with Dr Mark Donohoe: Part 2

Sep 28, 16

We welcome back Dr Mark Donohoe to continue his discussion on chronic fatigue syndrome. In this episode find out more about the role of the gut, neural-inflammation and the role of genetics. 

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Feb 08, 16

Our ability to cope with stress depends largely on the complex interactions between components of our hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis). The adrenal cortex figures prominently in the manifestation of adrenal fatigue due to disregulation of the production of cortisol. Adrenal fatigue is not widely medically recognised, and lies somewhere between the underactivity of Addison’s disease and the overactivity of Cushing’s Disease, where cortisol levels lie at the extremes. 

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Feb 01, 16

Historically, the adrenal glands have worked to keep us alive during times of stress  such as attacks by wild animals and long winters accompanied by limited food availability. Modern-day stressors are often very different, but are incredibly persistent. 

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FERTILITY: Thyroid and Adrenal Stress with Stacey Roberts

Jul 15, 15

Below optimum functioning of the thyroid and adrenals can have deleterious affects on fertility. Stacey Roberts, an international fertility expert, shares her strategies for treating this in her infertility clientele.

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The Forgotten Organ

Oct 03, 14

In this interview, Dr Mark Donohoe expertly describes what happens to the adrenal glands when we undergo various types of stress. His comprehensive knowledge of adrenal structure and function brings new insights into this often misunderstood organ. In doing so, Dr Donohoe is able to draw a framework for assessment and treatment that will be helpful to all health care practitioners.

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