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Finding Freedom from Fatigue with Tammy Guest

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Finding Freedom from Fatigue with Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest is an expert in the business of fatigue and the fatigue of running your own business. She is a successful naturopathic clinician, entrepreneur, published author, mentor and helicopter pilot in-training.

In a change from our usual programming, Andrew stepped out of the studio to conduct interviews in the flesh. From the peaceful back deck of her own home, Tammy shares her personal story of battling burn out, and how she turned this into a major specialisation of her practice. Tammy has found the balance of blending the philosophies of nature with the fundamentals of science whilst also staying true to oneself. Her messages about self-talk, gratitude and chasing dreams are both inspiring and uplifting.

Covered in this episode

[00:36] Introducing Tammy Guest
[01:51] Tammy's diverse career background
[04:17] Difference in health services from Australia vs. U.K
[04:58] Getting disheartened with medical approaches
[06:11] Bridging nature and science
[07:46] Embracing simple therapies of human interaction
[10:05] Transitioning to naturopathic studies
[13:08] Taking on too much
[15:28] Recognising personal "burn out"
[18:34] Tammy's book: Freedom from Fatigue
[19:08] The adrenal fatigue personality-type
[21:08] Painting the picture of the fatigue pattern
[22:57] The interconnectedness of mind, body and environment
[25:37] Self talk and making space for gratitude
[29:36] Key interventions for adrenal fatigue
[34:52] Lessons from a petrie dish
[37:37] "Stuff your principles"
[41:00] Entrepreneurialism: Chasing dreams
[47:52] Empowering other naturopaths
[52:10] Final summary

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