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Adrenal Fatigue is a Myth: Part 2 with Beth Bundy

Oct 11, 19

Continung on from Part 1, in this episode Beth Bundy takes us through the various ways we can test patient's cortisol and the relevant pros and cons. 

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Biotoxic Immune Threats and Chronic Inflammation

May 27, 16

As an integrative physician with a background in Traditional Chinese medicine, Dr Heyman's core areas of expertise include the effect of biotoxins on the immune system, chronic inflammation and consequent neuroinflammation.

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Feb 22, 16

Review the stress response and the evidence-based approaches to the natural treatment of stress and anxiety.

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Feb 01, 16

Historically, the adrenal glands have worked to keep us alive during times of stress  such as attacks by wild animals and long winters accompanied by limited food availability. Modern-day stressors are often very different, but are incredibly persistent. 

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Understanding Hormone Profiles: Functional Pathology

Sep 16, 15

Beth Bundy is a Melbourne based naturopath with a strong focus on the interplay of the thyroid, adrenals and sex organs.

In this interview, she reveals the benefits of functional pathology as an objective measurement to show patient benefits of treatment over time. Beth takes our listeners through the differences in functional testing as opposed to standard pathology testing, and shows the practitioner some of the commonly useful tests to determine or confirm clinical suspicions of what's going on inside the patient's body.

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FERTILITY: Thyroid and Adrenal Stress with Stacey Roberts

Jul 15, 15

Below optimum functioning of the thyroid and adrenals can have deleterious affects on fertility. Stacey Roberts, an international fertility expert, shares her strategies for treating this in her infertility clientele.

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The Forgotten Organ

Oct 03, 14

In this interview, Dr Mark Donohoe expertly describes what happens to the adrenal glands when we undergo various types of stress. His comprehensive knowledge of adrenal structure and function brings new insights into this often misunderstood organ. In doing so, Dr Donohoe is able to draw a framework for assessment and treatment that will be helpful to all health care practitioners.

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