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FERTILITY: Thyroid and Adrenal Stress with Stacey Roberts

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FERTILITY: Thyroid and Adrenal Stress with Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts is an internationally-renowned expert on natural fertility enhancement. Listen as Stacey takes us through her experience with Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction and their deleterious effects on a successful pregnancy. 

Stacey, gives practical tips on testing and SAFE management of these frustrating and often overlooked conditions. She reveals the prevalence of Iodine and Selenium deficiency in Australia and how best to manage Thyroid and Adrenal conditions without side-effects.

Stacey will also discuss how, because of her safe approach, she’s been able to gain the acceptance of both doctors and specialists as part of the healthcare team devoted to helping couples overcome fertility hurdles.

***Please Note: Due to Stacey joining us from Chicago, some sections of audio are affected by some interference. However, this is limited to a couple of small sections and does not impede the overall continuity of the podcast

Stacey is a former physiotherapist turned herbalist and naturopath who has been involved in healthcare since 1989, in both conventional and complimentary medicine. As an internationally recognised fertility and women’s health expert she has assisted people in over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing. Stacey is an international speaker and author who has written over seven books including the best seller 'The Fertility Bible'. She has been featured on television in World News, A Current Affair, Oprah, Discovery Channel and Sunrise in Sydney amongst many others. 

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