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Childbirth Education: Knowledge is Power with Emma Sutherland, Kerry Sutcliffe and Dr. Kate Levett

Aug 29, 23

Birth education advocates and researchers Dr. Kate Levett and Dr. Kerry Sutcliffe discuss the importance of providing women and their supporting network with the knowledge and strategies for a positive birthing experience.

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Balance Science with Tradition in Herbalism with Justin Sinclair

Apr 02, 20

Is too much science and not enough emphasis on tradition and history risking our idenitfy in herbal medicine, this is the topic Andrew and Justin explore today. 

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Apr 04, 19

An open letter from Marcus Blackmore on the Medical Board of Australia's proposed guidelines

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Mar 02, 18

Can the same prinicples that govern pharmaceutical trials be applied to nutritional and herbal medicine? Does the scientific method have a place in personalised medicine? Nutritionist and researcher Dr Niikee Schoendorfer shares her perspective. 

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Jul 07, 17

A robust systematic review and meta-analysis has revealed regular vitamin D supplementation is strongly protective against acute respiratory infections (ARIs), including colds and flu.

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Apr 08, 16

Avoidance of wheat or becoming "gluten free" within the diet is becoming increasingly common - but what is the evidence saying about prevelance and reality of this issue beyond the hype and trendiness? Naturopath Norelle Hentschel takes a look...

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Oct 14, 15

According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) the number of global cancers has increased by a fifth in less than a decade to around 12 million new cases each year. 

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BONUS: FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Prof Marc Cohen and his journey to Integrative Medicine

Jul 06, 15

Prof Marc Cohen has already had an illustrious career in integrative medicine and shows no sign of stopping! Prof Cohen is one of the co-authors of one of the principal integrative medicine textbooks "Herbs and Natural Therapies: An Evidence-Based Approach”. This book was voted in the top 4 resources for GPs to access unbiased information on natural therapies and is now in its 4th edition.

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