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Balance Science with Tradition in Herbalism with Justin Sinclair

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Balance Science with Tradition in Herbalism with Justin Sinclair

Are we at risk of losing our identity in the traditional practice of herbal medicine?

In this episode, we were joined by Justin Sinclair to dive into the rich history of herbalism and naturopathic philosphies. This interview will have you pondering whether, in the pursuit of science and standardisation of herbal remedies, are we at risk of reductionism and losing the knowledge of the traditional preparations and applications of herbs. 

Covered in this episode

[01:02] Welcoming back Justin Sinclair
[01:54] Transition from Natural Medicine College to University setting
[03:42] Are we losing our identity?
[04:23] The notion of vital force or patient vitality
[06:08] The evidence limitations for Traditional Medicine
[10:22] Applying the Therapeutic Orders
[18:21] The dilemma of evidence-based medicine: statistical vs. clinical significance 
[30:02] We need research underpinned by naturopathic philosophy
[35:38] Balancing science with tradition
[40:56] The lost art of botany
[43:42] The origins of herbal medicine


**Currrently no transcript available for this episode


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