Motor Neurone Disease with Vanita Dahia

Feb 13, 19

What is motor neurone disease and how can we support patients with naturopathic care? Vanita Dahia joins us to share her expertise.

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The Vagus Nerve: a new player in inflammation and immunity? with Emrys Goldsworthy

Sep 26, 18

Emrys takes us through the recent developments in TC-VNS that are showing clinical promise in treating numerous inflammatory-mediated...

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Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Dr Terry Wahls

Apr 18, 18

It is estimated that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects up to 2.5 million people, making it one of the most widespread, disabling neurological conditions affecting young adults in the world. In the U.S alone, up to 200 new cases of MS are diagnosed each week.

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Part 2: Holistic Pain Management: Choosing Pain Relief with Ananda Mahony

Nov 08, 17

Ananda Mahony to covers Part 2 of Holistic Pain Management. Today Ananda dives in to the evidence-based herbal and nutritional interventions for pain as well as the other modalities that can be employed successfully to help improve patient's wellbeing and quality of life. 

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Sep 12, 17

From 1950, vitamin B12 has been considered an effective analgesic in some countries. With multiple roles in the human body, B12 is consistently showing promise in the treatment of many chronic diseases and conditions.

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Integrative Paediatrics: PANDAS Part 2 with Dr Elisa Song

Jun 14, 17

Part 2 of the discussion with Integrative Paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song into the topic of PANS and PANDAS in kids. 

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Dec 01, 16

Research has long shown a strong relationship between increased body fat and degeneration of the brain. Basically, brain function declines as the size of the belly increases.

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Dissecting Chronic Fatigue with Dr Mark Donohoe: Part 2

Sep 28, 16

We welcome back Dr Mark Donohoe to continue his discussion on chronic fatigue syndrome. In this episode find out more about the role of the gut, neural-inflammation and the role of genetics. 

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