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Jun 24, 19

The coconut palm tree, fruit and oil (Cocus nucifera) have a long history of use in Malaysia, India, the South Pacific and the Philippines for many religious, dietary and medicinal purposes.[1,2] The multifaceted application of coconut by traditional paradigms has also been observed in recent years with a resurgence in the popularity of coconut oil, particularly for dietary and medicinal purposes.[1,3,4]

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Dec 01, 16

Research has long shown a strong relationship between increased body fat and degeneration of the brain. Basically, brain function declines as the size of the belly increases.

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Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis with Clint Paddison

Sep 07, 16

Clint Paddison turned his health around and healed himself of his Rheumatoid Arthritis. In this podcast we learn how he came to find a successful protocol for RA and how he's taught thousands of other sufferers to do the same. 

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Mar 25, 16

An objective, and evidentiary look at the pro's and con's of three of the most well known diet dictums; Paleo, Low-Carb-High-Fat and The Mediteranean Diet.

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