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Ketones: The Fourth Macronutrient with Dr Dominic D'Agostino

Aug 26, 19

Today we are joined by Dr Dominic D'Agostino, a leading keto nutrition researcher who takes us through the growing body of evidence for ketone-focused clinical interventions.

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Pioneering Preventative Medicine with Dr Gary Fettke

Nov 06, 18

Despite attempts to have him silenced, Dr Gary Fettke is an enduring pioneer pushing for better food standards for Australians. Today Dr Fettke shares his visions for a healthier future. 

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Mar 19, 18

Manipulating dietary macronutrient ratios to maximise athletic performance is an evolving topic of research in sports nutrition. One area of increasing interest in recent years is the effect of a low carbohydrate, high fat diet in endurance sports.

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Counteracting Insulin Resistance with a Low Carb, High Fat Diet with Prof Tim Noakes

Jan 10, 18

Prof Tim Noakes joins us on FX Medicine to discuss the value and the science for why a low carb, high fat diet is crucial for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and how it can apply to competitive endurance athletes.

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Mar 25, 16

An objective, and evidentiary look at the pro's and con's of three of the most well known diet dictums; Paleo, Low-Carb-High-Fat and The Mediteranean Diet.

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