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An Introduction to Genomics in Modern Medicine with Dr Mark Donohoe

Jun 22, 16

In this podcast episode, Dr Donohoe gives us a brief introduction into this world of genetics and what this means for qualified healthcare practitioners and their patients.

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Jun 20, 16

Functional polymorphisms of various antioxidant genes may be beneficial diagnostic and therapeutic markers for the health of sperm and the risk of male infertility.

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Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine

Jun 17, 16

In today's podcast, Dr Mark Houston covers the relevance of patient genetics in understanding the progression of disease, as well as the modifiable risk factors and key methods of assessment based on his clinical experience.

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Jun 10, 16

Expert Opinion: Dr Mark Houston talks about the role of genes in cardiovascular health and disease.

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Dec 04, 15

It is rare that a single point of treatment or modality is adequate to mitigate risk or resolve illnesses. As such, a multipoint approach is attractive and necessary. 

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Nov 17, 15

Homocysteine is an intermediate produced in the metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids. Elevated levels of homocysteine are associated with heart attack, heart disease, vascular disease as well as dementia and cognitive decline, macular degeneration, migraine, neural tube defects and bone fractures.

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Migraines, genes and nutrition with Professor Lyn Griffiths

Feb 03, 15

Migraine is a severe neurological disorder that affects a significant proportion of the population. Prevalence estimates vary between 12 and 25% depending on the population studied. The disorder has a significant genetic component.

In this interview, Andrew talks to Professor Lyn Griffiths on her very promising research which looks at genetic profiling in conjunction with nutraceutical therapies. These clinical trials highlight the potential importance of nutritional interventions in this disorder.

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Methylation: What is it and who is affected

Jan 13, 15

Methylation is now a major focus for many health care practitioners. In each of us, this process occurs trillions of times every second and is involved in countless biochemical pathways. Efficient methylation is therefore essential to quality of life.

But, is our approach to methylation disorders appropriate?

According to Dr Mark Donohoe there is a tendency for practitioners to treat methylation issues with a sledge hammer and to approach this as if everybody needs treatment.

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