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Unravelling Detoxification

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Unravelling Detoxification with Dr Mark Donohoe

In today's podcast we capitalise on over two decades of Dr Mark Donohoe's experience and observation of patients undergoing detoxification programs.

Dr Donohoe takes us through how detoxification approaches have changed and continue to change, as new information and research emerges.

Dr Donohoe has a long history of helping patients with confounding presentations and he has a knack for helping those patients who fall outside medical diagnosis, but who are obviously unable to function because of fatigue, pain, mood disorders and immune dysfunction.

Dr Mark Donohoe is one of Australia’s most experienced and best known medical practitioners in the fields of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has a long history working in the emerging field of “integrative medicine”, and continues to bring orthodox and complementary medicine together in his medical practice.


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