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Jun 03, 19

Research has found significant positive associations between diets high in nutritional quality and superior academic performance in children and adolescents. 

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Mar 15, 19

Curcumin has been thoroughly studied for its anti-inflammatory benefits that permeate through multiple systems of the body, including the brain. And, while anti-inflammatory activity is important in combatting neuroinflammation, curcumin also comprises antioxidant, anti-amyloid and possible anti-tau properties that work synergistically to further protect the brain from neurodegeneration, particularly in older adults

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Feb 09, 18

Evidence continues to grow showing that manipulating the gut microbiome can play a role in brain activity and memory. 

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Apr 10, 17

Clinical trials and traditional evidence show that supplementation with brahmi enhances a range of cognitive processes including verbal attention, memory acquisition, retention and recall, intellect and speed of information processing.

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Oct 02, 15

You have a big day planned today. Maybe it’s an important meeting with your team, maybe an exam, maybe several tasks that all require attention to detail. Can you rely on your brain to get you through this day so that you’re performing at your best?

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Optimising Brain Function with Dr David Haase

Apr 09, 15

Dr David Haase is an expert in Integrative Holistic Medicine and specialises in functional neurology, neuroendocrinology and neuroelectrophysiology. In this podcast, Dr Mark Donohoe interviews Dr Haase on some of the key themes and insights attendees can expect at this upcoming event. This is fascinating listening for anyone who is interested in understanding the brain (and brain therapy) from a systems biology perspective.

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Dec 06, 14

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of an extract of holy basil in the symptomatic control of general stress. 

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