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Esther Parker

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Esther Parker
Having worked in Natural Therapies for almost 10 years, Esther remains wildly passionate about nutritional and herbal medicine. As a qualified Naturopath, she has been involved in all areas of this wonderful industry; health food, marketing, practitioner, writer and more recently, as a lecturer. Her core belief is in the body's innate healing abilities, provided it is given the right tools to do so. She is excited by the continual, beneficial changes to the Natural Therapies industry and hopes to be a strong part of the industry for many years to come.
May 31, 2016

What are the most common immune challenges with young children? And what are the most common herbal and nutritional options to support immunity?

Jan 26, 2016

What is the diagnostic criteria and the most common complementary medicine approaches to polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Oct 02, 2015

You have a big day planned today. Maybe it’s an important meeting with your team, maybe an exam, maybe several tasks that all require attention to detail. Can you rely on your brain to get you through this day so that you’re performing at your best?