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Kate Smyth

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Kate Smyth

Kate developed her passion for natural medicine during her career as an elite endurance athlete competing in the women's marathon for Australia at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and becoming one of the all-time fastest woman in Australia with a personal best time of two hours 28 minutes. Her journey was not without challenges and she required the assistance of many holistic health practitioners from around the world, to overcome her own health challenges and to progress from fun runner to Olympian in just eight years. 

During her sporting career Kate identified the need for a holistic service tailored to the unique requirements of athletes and set about creating an innovative sports naturopathy service.

She is also an accredited athletics coach and mentors aspiring elite athletes. Kate holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.

It makes her heart sing to be part of a profession that helps others obtain the best version of themselves possible.

Sep 18, 2020

In this episode Naturopath Kate Smyth shares her story of going from causal runner to Olympic athlete in just eight short years, and takes us through the warning signs, causes and treatment options of iron deficiency anaemia in athletes.