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Imagine keeping your business going whilst you travel around Australia with your family for a year? That is Jessica Donovan's reality, and today she talks to Andrew about how she did it. 

May 26, 17

As a naturopath, nutritionist and a chiropractor with an immense passion for food, he has created professional fulfilment by following his passions. He's a clinician, business man and podcasting personality - he is the poster-child for career diversity and proof that if you are passionate enough about anything you can turn it into something great!

May 25, 17

Lauren singlehandedly assembled 30+ practitioners spanning the integrative, allied and medical health modalities to travel to Greece and work within the refugee camps to address concerns such as malnutrition, breastfeeding, wound care and illness.

May 24, 17

In today's podcast Tammy and Andrew have an informal chat in her home-based office about how to craft your own career.

May 23, 17

Director of Involvement Volunteers International, nutritionist Lauren Lacey, gathered 30 practitioners and donations and flew to the frontline of Greece‘s refugee camps. And she‘s ready to do it again!

May 22, 17

From how to get your first client to creating your business network and navigating those early days in practice. Amie takes us through how to build a successful clinic, and a brilliant, fulfilling career.  


May 22, 17
Student naturopaths in volunteering in India

As a final year Naturopathy student, Shannon Chafkin, took up the opportunity for a hands-on experience via a volunteer trip to India to immerse herself in the health care environment there. 

Oct 18, 16
Jumping for joy

Rachel shares her experience of taking a "leap of faith" and applying for an industry internship, and how it's helped shape her ideas about her career. 

Sep 22, 16