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Creating Diversity in Business with Dr Damian Kristof

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Damian Kristof has carved a diverse, rewarding and successful path with his career.

As a naturopath, nutritionist and a chiropractor with an immense passion for food, he has created professional fulfilment by following his passions. One of those passions, born of a quest to find healthy, gluten-free cereal to recommend to his clients is Forage Cereal.

In addition to his clinical practice, Damian is also one of the three voices behind the successful The Wellness Guys podcast which led to the creation of The Wellness Couch - a podcasting empire featuring some of the wellness industry's biggest names.

Damian is the poster-child for career diversity and proof that if you are passionate enough about anything you can turn it into something great!

Covered in this episode:

[00:50] Introducing Damien Kristof
[01:44] Damien's history and how he entered the industry
[03:41] The misconceptions of chiropractic safety
[05:34] Damien's passion is food
[07:30] Teaching people to eat well
[10:24] Digestion begins in the brain
[11:58] The ceremony of food
[12:59] Zonulin and Wheat
[13:44] The standard Australian Diet and the food pyramid
[14:52] Going from practice to podcasting
[16:31] Launching the first podcast
[17:26] Growing to a network of 20+ podcasts
[18:03] The "Forage" story
[23:54] An ethical, yet profitable business
[25:28] An insight into Damien's Clinic
[27:56] The health trap of pill pushing 
[30:13] Building a successful practice
[33:19] Riding the wave of Media and Social Platforms
[35:05] Perspectives: Malpractice, safety and FOSM
[39:45] Barriers to quality evidence in CM
[41:35] Follow your dreams and find
[44:54] Final Summary

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