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Blending Naturopathy and Yoga with Amy Mingin

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The brain-child of Amy Mingin, Naturopathic Yoga is a personalised, prescriptive-style yoga practice which forms a part of her naturopathic treatments. Amy developed this system to enable practitioners and yoga enthusiasts to access condition-specific yoga sequences to suit their unique health needs. Today she chats to Andrew about her 'light bulb moment' for connecting naturopathic care with yoga practice and some of the evidence that exists for yoga that easily lends itself to wholistic prescribing of movement as medicine.

Covered in this episode

[01:00] Introducing Amy Mingin
[01:56] What is Naturopathic Yoga?
[04:52] Understanding yoga styles and terminology
[06:45] Pilates vs. Yoga
[07:36] Who is yoga suitable for?
[10:21] The eight limbs of yoga
[10:59] Matching patients to personalised yoga
[13:18] Managing pain or flexibility thresholds
[18:02] Keeping up with physiology
[21:02] Yoga for type 2 diabetes
[22:04] Yoga for cardiovascular health
[24:26] Yoga in oncological care
[26:49] Personalising yoga
[28:54] Yoga for hormonal regulation
[31:42] Caveats, cautions and contraindications
[35:51] Heart rate variability
[37:57] Developing Naturopathic Yoga




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