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S.L.O.W Food and Detoxification with Sally Mathrick

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Here at FX Medicine, sometimes we record episodes that don’t end up being released. Not because they're not great, but possibly because they don't feel like they fit our usual brand DNA, or maybe they've fallen victim to "too many podcasts, too little time" - whatever it may be, with the whole country moving to work-from-home status due to COVID-19, it's given us some breathing room from normal, day-to-day operations to dive back into the archives and dig out some of the episodes that hadn't yet had the opportunity to be heard. 

This episode is one such episode, recorded with Naturopath, Sally Mathrick, from her home-based clinical practice in country Victoria, Australia in late 2016. In this episode, Sally shares with us the importance of food as medicine and the S.L.O.W. (Seasonal, Local, Organic, Wholefoods) foods movement. She also talks about growing your own food-producing garden and some of the biodynamic practices she's been experimenting with in her own garden. 

One area of clinical work Sally is passionate about is detoxification, done in a very holistic way. This led her to develop a five phase program she called Sparkle Wellness and Detox. Sally shares the aspects to this program and how it differs from what we might know as 'conventional detoxification' principles. 

Covered in this episode

[00:45] Introducing Sally Mathrick
[01:36] Embracing the S.L.O.W food movement
[04:25] Getting acquainted with microbes
[08:00] The concept of hormesis
[10:00] Maintaining a healthy food producing garden
[18:09] The neurosis around nutrition
[19:42] Sparkle Wellness and Detox 
[23:28] The five phase process to Sparkle Wellness and Detox
[27:09] Detox is a process
[28:22] Modern transitioning to adulthood
[29:26] Changing ingrained behaviours
[32:24] Sally's career journey

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