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Today Natalie shares the virtues of CrossFit, how to adequately fuel to meet the physical demands of CrossFit and how to mitigate risks associated with such high-intensity, and varied exercise.
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This podcast will answer many questions about the differences we see between holistic dietary interventions and performance-focussed sports nutrition. 
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In this podcast Andrew speaks to Nora Gedgaudas, clinical nutritionist and internationally recognised expert on ancestrally-based nutrition and best-selling author of the book Primal Body, Primal...
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Vanita Dahia shares with us how integrative, personalised medicine is in a unique position to help patients bring stability to the neurological and endocrine functions that govern the...
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Unfortunately, the demand for mental health services is an ever increasing burden. What's becoming clear is that there is a strong need for personalised medicine and a multi-modality approach
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In this podcast Trudy dives into GABA and the gut-brain axis as well as the role of methylation and histamine in mood disorders. She also discusses the clinical issues to be aware of in managing...
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Trudy takes us through the core neurotransmitters that influence our mood and behaviour and how to recognise the patient presentation when they're out of balance.
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Dr Haase is a passionate expert when it comes to optimising brain health with a mind-body approach, grounded in science. In today's podcast shares his approaches to cultivating wellness in...
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In today's podcast, Dr Ross Walker reveals how to decisively treat heart disease using diet and lifestyle measures, with judicious use of nutraceuticals and warranted medications for demonstrated...
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When it comes to mental health, can supplements play a therapeutic role, or are they just "expensive urine?" Well thanks to researcher Professor Julia Rucklidge from Massey University, we have some...
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Faced with the plethora of available dietary dictums, how do we decide which diet is right for which patient? Today we are joined by leading nutritional biochemist, Dr Robert Buist to navigate...
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Prof Tim Noakes joins us on FX Medicine to discuss the value and the science for why a low carb, high fat diet is crucial for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and how it can apply to...
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Today we welcome back nutrition expert Cyndi O'Meara who takes us through the history of keto diets, the clinical relevance of ketosis and the pros and cons of the modern-day use of it. 
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In this podcast, Kate Powe shares her first-hand experience in supporting endometriosis naturopathically alongside standard medical interventions. 
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Today we welcome back Annalies Corse, medical scientist, naturopath and mother who is passionate about developing a better network of integrated health systems to nurture parents through the 4th...
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On a cellular level, what drives infertility? This is what today's guest, Elizabeth Mucci, is an expert at investigating and resolving in her patients. 
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Dr Tash is a little bit different. Not only does she have her own YouTube channel: Dr Tash TV, but she is also one of only a handful of medical doctors with specialised training in...
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What are the benefits and limitations of IV vitamin and nutrient therapy? Dr Mark Donohoe joined us on the FX Medicine podcast to discuss intravenous vs. oral delivery of nutrients.  
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In today's podcast, we welcome back Rachel Arthur who is passionate about separating the facts from the fiction when it comes to the clinical applications of iodine.
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Dr Brandon Brock joins Andrew to give our listeners some insight into the many opportunities that taking an integrative approach can have in helping those living with PTSD. 
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Ananda Mahony to covers Part 2 of Holistic Pain Management. Today Ananda dives in to the evidence-based herbal and nutritional interventions for pain as well as the other modalities that can be...
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We speak to Dr Lise Alshuler to find out; What are the real facts about safety when it comes to supplements alongside cancer therapies? 
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Could you recognise the subtle signs of mercury toxicity in patients? Exposure to mercury might be more common than you think! In this podcast we welcome back naturopath, Beth Bundy to share her...
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What would you do if a loved one was diagnosed with Epilepsy? This is the reality of today's guest, Sonya Reynolds, a nutritionist and mother of two, who's eldest daughter was diagnosed with an...
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We may not have Borrelia burgdoerfi in Australia - but something is giving rise to chronic Lyme-like illness. Dr Mark Donohoe joins us to share his clinical experiences. 
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Elizma Lambert is an accomplished naturopathic clinician and educator. Today she joins us to discuss the complexities of CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. 
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How well do you know the vagina? Today, we welcome back Moira Bradfield, Naturopath and Acupuncturist, to share her knowledge and passion for demystifying vaginal health
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The agony of chronic pain is a huge burden on many, on both a personal and societal level. Today we welcome back Ananda Mahony, who is an expert on the holistic management of pain. 
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Ahead of his appearance for ATMS at their AGM and Gut-Brain Connection Seminar, we are joined by Michael Solano, who shares with us his clinical experiences and how finding a balance between the...
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Have you heard of photobiomodulation? AKA low level laser (light) therapy? If you haven't then this podcast is going to open you up to new possibilities for overcoming primarily, pain and...