Intermittent Fasting with Natalie Bourke

Today, we're joined by Natalie Douglas to dive into the clinical pros and cons of intermittent fasting..

Jan 16, 19

Polypharmacy: The role of the integrative pharmacist with Jacqui Hagidimitriou

Polypharmacy is a growing issue. What is needed to support paitents are experts that straddle expertise on both pharmaceutical medications and complementary medicines.

Jan 09, 19

Hair Mineral Analysis: A Revealing Clinical Tool with Maria Shaflender

In this podcast Maria Shaflender shares with us the value she finds in using hair mineral analysis as a clinical tool to craft her individualised treatment plans for a range of conditions from thyroid disorders, children's health, mental health and toxicity.

Dec 19, 18

Breast Implant Illness with Alysha Habgood

Have you heard of breat implant illness? Are you asking patients about implants? This could be an underlying factor in chronic illness.

Dec 12, 18

Preventative Medicine: Self Care and Screening with Dr Penny Caldicott

Dr Penny Caldicott discusses the importance of screening and self care in effective preventative medicine.

Dec 05, 18