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Sarah Gray

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Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray is the General Manager of the Olive Wellness Institute, and is a passionate health and wellness professional, with experience in primary care settings, medical writing and food and drug industries. Sarah is a registered pharmacist and nutritionist with a keen interest in the active and phytochemical composition of foods, nutrients and natural/ herbal medicines, with a specific interest in extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract. She also works for the olive oil and olive leaf industry, providing education and driving research initiatives to strengthen science and awareness in this space. Her secondary interest is related to drug food and drug nutrient interactions. Sarah has been a sessional lecturer at Laureate/Torrens University for the past 5 years, specialising in Drug and Integrated Pharmacology.


Dec 02, 2020

With the help of Sarah Gray from the Olive Wellness Institute, we dive deep into the world of the olive plant and unravel the science that makes this plant a champion when it comes to being a 'food-as-medicine'.