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Jan 10, 19

The 2019 Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium will be held in March on the Gold Coast, QLD. 

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Navigating Epilepsy with Sonya Reynolds

Oct 18, 17

What would you do if a loved one was diagnosed with Epilepsy? This is the reality of today's guest, Sonya Reynolds, a nutritionist and mother of two, who's eldest daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive, and rare form of epilepsy at age 3.

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Cannabis Phytomedicine. Part 1 - Responsible Clinical Use

Nov 18, 15

Join Justin Sinclair, in Part 1, of a two-part interview series covering off the responsible use of medicinal cannabis. Justin takes us on an entertaining and informative journey through the history of cannabis in medicine, and the opportunities it presents for the future.

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