Phthalates: Male Fertility and Genitourinary Deformity Risks with Anna Sangster

Anna takes us on a concerning journey of our toxic world and how pollutants such as phthalates can affect the development of foetal male sex organs, even in-utero.

Feb 28, 19

Motor Neurone Disease with Vanita Dahia

What is motor neurone disease and how can we support patients with naturopathic care? Vanita Dahia joins us to share her expertise.

Feb 13, 19

Naturopathic Approaches for Palliative Care with Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin shares her expertise on how to best manage symptoms and offer ethical, safe and compassionate care to enrich and honour a person's final days. 

Feb 06, 19

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Cindy Kennedy

Cindy shares the various diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal therapies which she has found clinically successful in improving the quality of life for those facing this confronting connective tissue disorder. 

Jan 30, 19

Chronic Illness and Suicide: Looking after patient and practitioner with Dr Mark Donohoe

Dr Mark Donohoe shares his insights into patient and practitioner self-care when supporting patients contemplating suicide. 

Jan 23, 19