Herbal Wisdom for Topical Skin Preparations with Denis Stewart

Affectionately known as The Godfather of Australian Herbalism, Denis Stewart is a herbal medicine luminary. We are honoured to have him join us on FX Medicine today, as we pick his brain about one of the most tricky areas of clinical practice: chronic, itchy skin conditions.

Sep 11, 19

Holistic Dentistry: so much more than teeth with Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Dr Lewis Ehrlich practices the true art of integrative medicine in his dental practice and has so much knowledge to share on how we can connect the dots between oral health and systemic disease.

Aug 28, 19

Ketones: The Fourth Macronutrient with Dr Dominic D'Agostino

Today we are joined by Dr Dominic D'Agostino, a leading keto nutrition researcher who takes us through the growing body of evidence for ketone-focused clinical interventions.

Aug 26, 19

Patient Examination and Observation Techniques with Dr Nirala Jacobi

Physical examination and patient observation techniques, is sadly becoming a lost art in all forms of health care, Dr Nirala Jacobi wants to change all that by igniting a passion for functional medicine examination techniques.

Aug 08, 19

5G Technology: Is the Risk Worth the Reward? with Nicole Bijlsma

Nicole Bijlsma expertly navigates us through the knowledge gaps in research when it comes to 5G and why we all need to be aware of the potential biological effects to human health as well as the impacts it poses to our privacy and security.          

Aug 01, 19

The Gut-Brain Axis and the Rise of Psychophysical Disease with Dr Daniel Weber

According to Dr Daniel Weber, the gut is the second organ system in evolution and is by far, the most complex, with the intestines being both the largest endocrine and the largest immunological organs in the body.

Jul 26, 19

Teenagers: Emotional Health and Wellbeing with Dr Elisa Song

Holistic Paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song joins us to talk about maximising teenage physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Jul 18, 19

Microbiome Diversity and Faecal Transplants with Dr Johan Van Den Bogaerde

Dr Van Den Bogaerde shares the current scientific opinion on gut microbial diversity and he discusses his excitement about the research exploring faecal microbial transplants

Jul 11, 19

Hope for Health: Embracing Indigenous Wisdom and Healing with Dr Kama Trudgen and Helen Padarin

Dr Kama Trudgen and Helen Padarin discuss how Hope For Health was formed and gain insight into the health challenges commonly faced by indigenous communities. They also share their newest endeavour, TOGETHER Retreats, a collaborative healing initiative developed in conjunction with the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land.

Jul 05, 19

The Alchemy of Amino Acids with Vanita Dahia

How confident are you with personalising amino acid prescriptions based on a person's unique physiology and health needs? Today we talk to Vanita Dahia, author of "Alchemy of Amino Acids" to learn more about these nutrients. 

Jul 01, 19

Identifying Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Dr Christabelle Yeoh

What are the intracellular thieves robbing us of optimal mitochondrial wellbeing and how can we combat these noxious agents? Today Dr Christabelle Yeoh talks about identifying mitochondrial dysfunction. 

Jun 20, 19

NAC for Ice Addiction with A/Prof. Olivia Dean

Could N-acetyl-cysteine help people recover from ice addiction - new research is exploring exactly that! 

Jun 13, 19

Insights into Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with Francesca Eldridge

Those with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are often the victim of ill-informed stereotypes and lack of compassion for the internal agony they're suffering. Helping patients with OCD can mean peeling back the layers of guilt, shame, self-doubt and paranoiac behaviour that obstruct their ability to function in everyday life.

Jun 05, 19

The Biochemistry of Pyrroles with Dr Bradley McEwen

How well do you understand pyrroles? At a cellular level - what are they, how are they formed and does their presence always herald ill-health?

May 30, 19

Problem Solving the Chronic Disease Crisis with Carla Wrenn

Not only is Carla a passionate clinical detective and problem-solver of complex conditions but she has become a pioneer for rationalising chronic care through teaching a system she has developed called, Vitae Mosaic.

May 22, 19

The Lost Art of Mineral Therapy in Practice with Daniel Jones

We're chatting to Dan Jones about his passion for educating his peers on how mineral therapy has been a core element in his, almost three decades, of practice. 

May 22, 19

Refreshing Naturopathic Examination Skills with Katie Barron

How confident are you in your naturopathic examination skills? Today we talk to Katie Barron, who is on a mission to boost the confidence of practitioners in Australia and NZ in the art of naturopathic examination techniques. 

May 17, 19

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Art Psychotherapy for Mental Health with Megan Shiell

How familiar are you with borderline personality disorder? Have you heard of Dialectical Behaviour? In this podcast, we talk to Megan Shiells about this therapy and when you might refer clients for care.

May 08, 19

Integrative Dermatology for Psoriasis with Prof Michael Tirant

According to Prof Michael Tirant, integrative dermatology is the way forward. Today he joins us to share his expertise on personalising therapy for psoriasis.

Apr 26, 19

The Inflamed Brain with Dr Brandon Brock

What are the actual mechanisms of inflammatory damage to the brain, and how does the brain initiate healing and cleansing? Dr Brandon Brock joins us to share his expertise.

Apr 18, 19

Navigating Food Choices with Genes with Amanda Archibald

In this podcast we're joined by culinary genomics expert Amanda Archibald who shares with us what genes can tells us about the foods we choose. 

Apr 10, 19

Expanding Endometriosis Research with Dr Mike Armour

We are joined by Dr Mike Armour to discuss the expansion of research into supporting women with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. 

Mar 29, 19

Naturopathic Research: The REAL Story with Prof Stephen Myers

Today we're joined by Prof Stephen Myers who has just published a study that can help silence those who say "there's no evidence for naturopathy and complementary medicines".

Mar 25, 19

Complementary Medicine Under Siege with Prof Stephen Myers

Today we are joined  by Prof Stephen Myers, a respected academic in complementary and integrative medicine, who shares his educated opinion on this recent move by the Medical Board of Australia. 

Mar 25, 19

Neurodevelopmental Support for Children with Dr Elizabeth Mumper

Integrative paediatric clinician, Dr Elizabeth Mumper about the core pillars she employs in her own practice when working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mar 22, 19

Microchimerism and Mitochondrial Health in Reproductive Competence with Leah Hechtman

Have you heard of microchimerism? In today's podcast we learn what this is, and discuss the importance of healthy mitochondria for optimal fertility. 

Mar 22, 19

Adrenal Fatigue is a Myth with Beth Bundy

Is "adrenal fatigue" really talking about fatigued, worn-out adrenal glands? Beth Bundy joins us to explain why adrenal fatigue is a myth.

Mar 20, 19

Tackling Teenage Mental Health with Dr Adrian Lopresti

Dr Adrian Lopresti has both reviewed current evidence and plans to conduct further research into CM's in teenage mental health. Today we pick his brains about working integratively with youth in mental health.

Mar 13, 19

Reshaping Perspectives on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer with Dr Mark Donohoe

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostate Cancer are some of the biggest health issues facing men today. Dr Mark Donohoe takes us through the changing approaches to this in healthcare.

Mar 06, 19

Phthalates: Male Fertility and Genitourinary Deformity Risks with Anna Sangster

Anna takes us on a concerning journey of our toxic world and how pollutants such as phthalates can affect the development of foetal male sex organs, even in-utero.

Feb 28, 19

Motor Neurone Disease with Vanita Dahia

What is motor neurone disease and how can we support patients with naturopathic care? Vanita Dahia joins us to share her expertise.

Feb 13, 19

Naturopathic Approaches for Palliative Care with Sarah Franklin

Sarah Franklin shares her expertise on how to best manage symptoms and offer ethical, safe and compassionate care to enrich and honour a person's final days. 

Feb 06, 19

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Cindy Kennedy

Cindy shares the various diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal therapies which she has found clinically successful in improving the quality of life for those facing this confronting connective tissue disorder. 

Jan 30, 19

Chronic Illness and Suicide: Looking after patient and practitioner with Dr Mark Donohoe

Dr Mark Donohoe shares his insights into patient and practitioner self-care when supporting patients contemplating suicide. 

Jan 23, 19

Intermittent Fasting with Natalie Bourke

Today, we're joined by Natalie Douglas to dive into the clinical pros and cons of intermittent fasting..

Jan 16, 19

Polypharmacy: The role of the integrative pharmacist with Jacqui Hagidimitriou

Polypharmacy is a growing issue. What is needed to support paitents are experts that straddle expertise on both pharmaceutical medications and complementary medicines.

Jan 09, 19

Hair Mineral Analysis: A Revealing Clinical Tool with Maria Shaflender

In this podcast Maria Shaflender shares with us the value she finds in using hair mineral analysis as a clinical tool to craft her individualised treatment plans for a range of conditions from thyroid disorders, children's health, mental health and toxicity.

Dec 19, 18

Breast Implant Illness with Alysha Habgood

Have you heard of breat implant illness? Are you asking patients about implants? This could be an underlying factor in chronic illness.

Dec 12, 18

Preventative Medicine: Self Care and Screening with Dr Penny Caldicott

Dr Penny Caldicott discusses the importance of screening and self care in effective preventative medicine.

Dec 05, 18

Sleep Hygiene: Part 2 with Narelle Hentschel

In this Part 2 episode we delve more specifically, into how sleep hygiene techniques can be partnered with judicious, carefully selected nutritional and herbal therapies to quickly resolve sleep issues.  

Nov 28, 18

Sleep Hygiene: Part 1 with Narelle Hentschel

What is the healing power of sleep? In this two part series, we explore this essential element to wellbeing with Naturopath, Norelle Hentschel. 

Nov 23, 18

International Natural Medicine Research with Dr Amie Steel

Imagine collaborative research initiatives that are simultaneously taking place in several international locations, all of which are aimed to not just validate singular natural medicines, but are looking at the bigger picture of validating naturopathy as a system of medicine and a professional that can contribute meaningfully to the health system.

Nov 15, 18

Mentoring: delivering innovation through technology with Geraldine Headley

Today we're joined by Geraldine Headley to talk about how her career grew organically to develop her own mentoring system and how she's embraced technolgy to deliver it on a larger scale. 

Nov 06, 18

Pioneering Preventative Medicine with Dr Gary Fettke

Despite attempts to have him silenced, Dr Gary Fettke is an enduring pioneer pushing for better food standards for Australians. Today Dr Fettke shares his visions for a healthier future. 

Nov 06, 18

Endometriosis: on the front line with Donna Ciccia

Today we talk to Donna Ciccia, co-founder of Endometriosis Australia, about her personal journey with endometriosis and her vision to improve care for future generations of women.

Oct 26, 18

Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Part 2 with Dr Bradley McEwen

In Part 2, Brad and Andrew dive into the key evidence-based interventions for cardiometabolic syndrome. 

Oct 24, 18

Cadiometabolic Syndrome: Part 1 with Dr Bradley McEwen

Cardiometabolic syndrome(s) account for more deaths in Australia than any other single disease. In today's podcast we're joined by Dr Bradley McEwen to tap into his expertise on this topic. 

Oct 11, 18

Geomedicine with Nicole Bijlsma

Do you know what geomedicine is, and its increasing role in the health of your patients? 

Oct 04, 18

The Vagus Nerve: A New Player in Inflammation and Immunity? with Emrys Goldsworthy

Emrys takes us through the recent developments in TC-VNS that are showing clinical promise in treating numerous inflammatory-mediated...

Sep 26, 18

Enzymes: Beyond Digestion with Bec Guild

In this podcast Bec Guild shares how we can use enzymes for inflammation, pain, infection resistance...

Sep 19, 18

Eosinophilic Oesophagitis with Nicole Hannan

Navigating the world of EoE with her own daughter, naturopath, sports scientist and former Olympian, Nicole Hannan has become...

Sep 12, 18

A Timeline of Endometriosis with Rebecca Reid

So, what is the history of the naturopathic interventions in Endometriosis versus what we know now?

Sep 06, 18

Working with Eating Disorders with Natalie Bourke

We are joined by holistic dietician and nutritionist, Natalie Bourke who takes us through her professional and personal expertise on eating disorders.

Sep 05, 18

The Vaginal Microbiome with Dr Jessica Younes

In this podcast, with the help of Dr Jessica Younes we explore the complexities and the outside influences of the vaginal microbiota. 

Sep 03, 18

Emerging Biomarkers for PCOS and Fertility with Leah Hechtman

Is polycystic ovarian syndrome being over-diagnosed? Today we are joined by Leah Hechtman to share some insight into promising new biomarkers for PCOS.

Aug 23, 18

Supporting the Transition into Menopause with Elizabeth Mucci

Women need not suffer with menopause, today Elizabeth Mucci shares some natural medicine strategies to support this phase of life. 

Aug 21, 18

How Genes Impact Hormones with Dr Denise Furness

Hormonal secretion, metabolism and excretion are all swayed by both our nutritional status and the many enzymes systems that may be up, or down-regulated as a result of our unique single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Aug 13, 18

SNPs in Holistic Medicine with Linda Funnel-Milner and Dr Elvira Zilliacus

SNP testing is booming in medicine but we need to be mindful of how these tests are being delivered and interpreted. Today we discuss how to deliver genetic results in the clinical setting to empower rather than burden clients. 

Jul 31, 18

Pioneering Methylation and MTHFR in Australia with Carolyn Ledowsky

Recognising the future clinical implications of methylation dysfunction and the MTHFR gene early on, Carolyn Ledowsky started MTHFR Support Australia and hasn't looked back.

Jul 24, 18

A Closer look at COMT and CBS Genes with Annalies Corse

Today we talk to Annalie Corse about the clinical relevance of COMT and CBS genes. Two important enzymes that are vital for healthy catecholamine, catechol estrogens, several drugs and homocysteine metabolism.

Jul 18, 18

Tick-Borne and Chronic Stealth Infections with Amina Eastham-Hillier

The term Lyme Disease is polarising. Join us today with Amina Eastham-Hillier who specialises in delving into the root causes of infection in tick-borne illnesses.

Jul 18, 18

Movement is Medicine for PCOS with Professor Nigel Stepto

As a clinician and researcher, Professor Nigel Stepto is an expert in the area of exercise and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Today he shares his expertise on movement as medicine for PCOS.

Jul 11, 18

Is Addiction in Our Genes? with Elizma Lambert

What can your genes tell you about your potential for addictive tendendies? Today we welcome back naturopath, Elizma Lambert to share her expertise on this subject. 

Jul 06, 18

Benefits of Acupuncture in PCOS with Dr Carolyn Ee

Being pigeonholed typically as an intervention we think of for chronic pain, acupuncture can often be overlooked as a therapeutic option in complex metabolic disease

Jul 04, 18

Children's Health: Mineral Therapy with Elizabeth d'Avigdor

For decades practitioners have turned to mineral therapy as a safe, effective, simple, palatable and cost-effective intervention for childhood illnesses.

Jun 28, 18

Herbal Medicines for Children with Rob Santich

Today we're joined by herbalist Rob Santich who shares his decades of experience in finding novel ways to deliver herbal medicines to children.

Jun 21, 18

Childhood Hashimoto's with Cindy Kennedy

Have you considered Hashimoto's as part of your differential diagnosis in children's behavioural presentations? 

Jun 13, 18

Integrative Paediatrics: Autism Spectrum Disorders with Dr Elisa Song

As a Paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song is keenly aware of the pain caused by autism, ASD and associated neuro-behavioural disorders. In today's podcast, Dr Song explores the controversies, the major issues, and gives some answers for practitioners wanting to offer better care for their patients with neuro-cognitive issues.

Jun 06, 18

Chronic Threadworm Infections with Rachel Arthur

Worms never conjure up a pleasant picture in our minds and threadworm might be more sinister than we've been led to believe.

May 30, 18

The Drivers of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Lara Briden

In today's podcast, Lara Briden covers the many drivers of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Lara delves into just what hormones become dysregulated and what we, as natural healthcare practitioners, can do about it.

May 25, 18

The Dental Diet with Dr Steven Lin

As a dentist, Dr Steven Lin is witnessing the relationships between dental health and systemic health and/or disease. It has prompted him to re-examine the underlying causative factors and resulted in him writing a book; "The Dental Diet". He talks to use today about what he's uncovered. 

May 25, 18

Infections: An Overlooked Factor in Infertility with Elizabeth Mucci

Naturopath Elizabeth Mucci is at the coal-face of infertility every day in clinic and what she's finding is that there's an alarming trend being overlooked; and that is, underlying infections.


May 21, 18

Practical Interventions for Allergy and Atopy with Nicole Bijlsma

The major drivers for allergy and atopy are multifactorial and complex but indeed, almost all circumstances relate back to modernisation and the industrial revolution. 

May 18, 18

Understanding Group B Strep with Moira Bradfield

Group B Strep is concerning for any mother-to-be. So what role can naturopathic medicine play in treatment and prevention? 

May 16, 18

The Exposome with Vanessa Hitch

The exposome is the lifetime accumulation of toxic burden, spanning from conception to present day and takes into account your genetic and epigenetic makeup as well as your detoxification capabilities which handle this load.

May 08, 18

How Sugar Disables Immunity with Amie Skilton

In today's podcast we're joined by Amie Skilton who takes us through how, at a cellular level, sugar is compromising our immune resilience.

May 02, 18

Understanding Transdermal Delivery with Amie Skilton

There is a growing clinical demand to deliver certain nutrients and compounds in transdermal preparations. We reached out to Amie Skilton to go over the finer points of transdermal nutrient delivery. 

Apr 27, 18

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Dr Terry Wahls

It is estimated that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects up to 2.5 million people, making it one of the most widespread, disabling neurological conditions affecting young adults in the world. In the U.S alone, up to 200 new cases of MS are diagnosed each week.

Apr 18, 18

Personalised Medicine: Compounding with Karl Landers

The flexibility, technology and sophistication of modern-day compounding has come a long way from it's humble origins. Compounding is now a specialised area of pharmacy available to health professionals which is ideal for those patients who have specialised needs outside of what's commercially accessible.

Apr 18, 18

The Drivers of Adult Acne with Rebecca Hughes

For some people, acne can be a chronic condition persisting well into adulthood. The impact is more than just physical, having far-reaching impacts into a person's mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Apr 11, 18

Naturopathic Skincare with Jacqueline Evans

Falling in love with the science and the art of blending natural skincare for friends and family, Jacqueline (Jacqui) Evans has turned her passion into a globally recognised brand of skincare.

Apr 04, 18

One Size Does Not Fit All with Dr Mark Donohoe

There is no "one size fits all" in personalised medicine. In this episodes Andrew and Dr Donohoe explore some of the nuances affecting individual biochemistry. 

Mar 28, 18

Fuelling for CrossFit with Natalie Bourke

Today Natalie shares the virtues of CrossFit, how to adequately fuel to meet the physical demands of CrossFit and how to mitigate risks associated with such high-intensity, and varied exercise.

Mar 21, 18

Understanding Sports Nutrition with Kira Sutherland

This podcast will answer many questions about the differences we see between holistic dietary interventions and performance-focussed sports nutrition. 

Mar 14, 18

Primal Nutrition with Nora Gedgaudas

In this podcast Andrew speaks to Nora Gedgaudas, clinical nutritionist and internationally recognised expert on ancestrally-based nutrition and best-selling author of the book Primal Body, Primal Mind. 

Mar 07, 18

The Neurobiology of Libido with Vanita Dahia

Vanita Dahia shares with us how integrative, personalised medicine is in a unique position to help patients bring stability to the neurological and endocrine functions that govern the chemical signals that facilitate sexual arousal.

Feb 28, 18

Integrative Psychology with Dr Adrian Lopresti

Unfortunately, the demand for mental health services is an ever increasing burden. What's becoming clear is that there is a strong need for personalised medicine and a multi-modality approach

Feb 21, 18

Part 2: Navigating Neurotransmitters with Trudy Scott

In this podcast Trudy dives into GABA and the gut-brain axis as well as the role of methylation and histamine in mood disorders. She also discusses the clinical issues to be aware of in managing patients with a history of benzodiazepine use.

Feb 14, 18

Part 1: Navigating Neurotransmitters with Trudy Scott

Trudy takes us through the core neurotransmitters that influence our mood and behaviour and how to recognise the patient presentation when they're out of balance.

Feb 14, 18

Building Better Brains with Dr David Haase

Dr Haase is a passionate expert when it comes to optimising brain health with a mind-body approach, grounded in science. In today's podcast shares his approaches to cultivating wellness in patients by building brain resilience. 

Feb 07, 18

Cholesterol Conundrum with Dr Ross Walker

In today's podcast, Dr Ross Walker reveals how to decisively treat heart disease using diet and lifestyle measures, with judicious use of nutraceuticals and warranted medications for demonstrated disease progression. 

Jan 31, 18

Supplements Benefit Mental Health with Jullia Rucklidge

When it comes to mental health, can supplements play a therapeutic role, or are they just "expensive urine?" Well thanks to researcher Professor Julia Rucklidge from Massey University, we have some answers.

Jan 24, 18

Diet Confusion and Controversies with Dr Bob Buist

Faced with the plethora of available dietary dictums, how do we decide which diet is right for which patient? Today we are joined by leading nutritional biochemist, Dr Robert Buist to navigate these muddy waters.

Jan 17, 18

Counteracting Insulin Resistance with a Low Carb, High Fat Diet with Prof Tim Noakes

Prof Tim Noakes joins us on FX Medicine to discuss the value and the science for why a low carb, high fat diet is crucial for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and how it can apply to competitive endurance athletes.

Jan 10, 18

The Ketogenic Diet with Cyndi O'Meara

Today we welcome back nutrition expert Cyndi O'Meara who takes us through the history of keto diets, the clinical relevance of ketosis and the pros and cons of the modern-day use of it. 

Jan 03, 18

Supporting Endometriosis Naturopathically with Kate Powe

In this podcast, Kate Powe shares her first-hand experience in supporting endometriosis naturopathically alongside standard medical interventions. 

Dec 27, 17

The 4th Trimester with Annalies Corse

Today we welcome back Annalies Corse, medical scientist, naturopath and mother who is passionate about developing a better network of integrated health systems to nurture parents through the 4th Trimester.

Dec 20, 17

Fine Tuning Fertility with Elizabeth Mucci

On a cellular level, what drives infertility? This is what today's guest, Elizabeth Mucci, is an expert at investigating and resolving in her patients. 

Dec 13, 17

Integrative Gynaecology with Dr Natasha (Tash) Andreadis

Dr Tash is a little bit different. Not only does she have her own YouTube channel: Dr Tash TV, but she is also one of only a handful of medical doctors with specialised training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility. Today she shares her integrative approaches to fertility and other reproductive disorders. 

Dec 06, 17

IV Vitamins and Nutrients with Dr Mark Donohoe

What are the benefits and limitations of IV vitamin and nutrient therapy? Dr Mark Donohoe joined us on the FX Medicine podcast to discuss intravenous vs. oral delivery of nutrients.  

Nov 29, 17

The Intricacies of Iodine Rachel Arthur

In today's podcast, we welcome back Rachel Arthur who is passionate about separating the facts from the fiction when it comes to the clinical applications of iodine.

Nov 16, 17

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dr Brandon Brock

Dr Brandon Brock joins Andrew to give our listeners some insight into the many opportunities that taking an integrative approach can have in helping those living with PTSD. 

Nov 11, 17

Part 2: Holistic Pain Management: Choosing Pain Relief with Ananda Mahony

We welcome back Ananda Mahony to cover Part 2 of Holistic Pain Management. Today Ananda dives in to the evidence-based herbal and nutritional interventions for pain as well as the other modalities that can be employed successfully to help improve patient's wellbeing and quality of life. 

Nov 08, 17

Integrative Oncology: Safe Supplementation with Dr Lise Alschuler

We speak to Dr Lise Alshuler to find out; What are the real facts about safety when it comes to supplements alongside cancer therapies? 

Nov 01, 17

Mercury Toxicity: Identification and Testing with Beth Bundy

Could you recognise the subtle signs of mercury toxicity in patients? Exposure to mercury might be more common than you think! In this podcast we welcome back naturopath, Beth Bundy to share her experience in this area.

Oct 25, 17

Navigating Epilepsy with Sonya Reynolds

What would you do if a loved one was diagnosed with Epilepsy? This is the reality of today's guest, Sonya Reynolds, a nutritionist and mother of two, who's eldest daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive, and rare form of epilepsy at age 3.

Oct 18, 17


We may not have Borrelia burgdoerfi in Australia - but something is giving rise to chronic Lyme-like illness. Dr Mark Donohoe joins us to share his clinical experiences. 

Oct 11, 17

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) with Elizma Lambert

Elizma Lambert is an accomplished naturopathic clinician and educator. Today she joins us to discuss the complexities of CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Oct 05, 17

Part 1: Vaginal Dysbiosis with Moira Bradfield

How well do you know the vagina? Today, we welcome back Moira Bradfield, Naturopath and Acupuncturist, to share her knowledge and passion for demystifying vaginal health

Sep 27, 17

Part 1: Holistic Pain Management: Pain Origins and Assessment

The agony of chronic pain is a huge burden on many, on both a personal and societal level. Today we welcome back Ananda Mahony, who is an expert on the holistic management of pain. 

Sep 20, 17

Decoding the Sympathetic Nervous System with Michael Solano

Ahead of his appearance for ATMS at their AGM and Gut-Brain Connection Seminar, we are joined by Michael Solano, who shares with us his clinical experiences and how finding a balance between the  sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can be a crucial element in the pathways to healing.

Sep 13, 17

Photobiomodulation with Emrys Goldsworthy

Have you heard of photobiomodulation? AKA low level laser (light) therapy? If you haven't then this podcast is going to open you up to new possibilities for overcoming primarily, pain and inflammation, but as you'll see, that's only the beginning. 

Sep 07, 17

Fertility: Feeding the Microbiota with Stacey Roberts

New research emerges all the time about the importance of microbiota in overall health and wellbeing. So, what about reproduction? Stacey The BabyMaker Roberts joins us to share her clinical perspectives. 

Aug 30, 17

Quorum Sensing with Belinda Reynolds

Today Belinda Reynolds takes us through: How might knowledge of quorum sensing and biofilm disruption change treatment strategies? 

Aug 23, 17

Unresolved Infections with Annalies Corse

In this podcast Annalies Corse talks about unresolved infections: invaders that are simmering in the background, lurking in various tissues, waiting patiently for moments of weakness cultivated by other infections or stressors. 

Aug 16, 17

Endometriosis and Immunity with Leah Hechtman

What role does the immune system play in endometriosis? Women's health expert, Leah Hechtman joins us to share her clinical wisdom on this topic.

Aug 09, 17

Symbionts and Pathobionts with Dr Mark Donohoe

Cell for cell, the bacteria that live within and upon us outnumber our human cells 10:1. So which ones are symbionts and which ones are pathobionts? Dr Mark Donohoe shares his thoughts...

Aug 02, 17

Reducing Toxic Burden: One Bite at a Time

The human body is being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis and what's more overwhelming is: what can we do about it and where do we start? This is exactly what Tabitha McIntosh does everyday in clinical practice, today she shares her insights with FX Medicine.

Jul 26, 17

The Power of Breathing with Mim Beim

According to Mim Beim, teaching patients to breath better helps them heal faster. Today she shares some insights into Buteyko and diaphragmatic breathing and the diversity of benefits it offers as an adjunct in naturopathic treatment. 

Jul 19, 17

The Art and Science of Kombucha with Dr Matt Ball

In this podcast Dr Matthew Ball talks to Andrew about the art and the science that goes into crafting kombucha beverages and the journey creating the brand Wild Kombucha.



Jul 12, 17

BioActive CoEnzyme Q10 with Cardiologist: Dr Ross Walker

In Australia, coenzyme Q10 is now available in some differing forms. In this podcast, Dr Ross Walker discusses the ways he differentiates the usages for the various forms clinically.

Jul 05, 17

What is Human Leukocyte Antigen?

Dr Mark Donohoe talks us through what is Human Leukocyte Antigen and what sign posts they create in health care?

Jun 28, 17

Exploring Autoimmunity with Belinda Reynolds

There are over 80 different autoimmune disorders. So what is the aetiology and what are the commonalities? What is happening to people's immune systems and what are some of the simple nutritional interventions we need to be addressing?

Jun 21, 17

Integrative Paediatrics: PANDAS Part 2 with Dr Elisa Song

Part 2 of the discussion with Integrative Paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song into the topic of PANS and PANDAS in kids. 

Jun 14, 17

Integrative Paediatrics: PANDAS Part 1

Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS) and Paediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) are two disorders which are affecting a growing number of families.

Jun 07, 17

Paediatric Gut Health with Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra covers off important areas of naturopathic care in paediatric cases, from safety considerations and assessment techniques to navigating the palatability of treatments and working effectively with their doctors and parents.

May 31, 17

Epstein-Barr Virus: Part 2 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Following on from Part 1, Dr Mark Donohoe dives deeper into his three decades of experience and focusses on therapy for Epstein-Barr Virus in this episode. 

May 17, 17

Epstein-Barr Virus: Part 1 with Dr Mark Donohoe

Another outstanding podcast with Dr Mark Donohoe, delving deep into his three decades of experience with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

May 10, 17

Diet and Mental Health with Prof Felice Jacka

There is chronic, worldwide lack of funding available for research into the impact of diet and lifestyle on mood, behaviour and mental health. Prof Felice Jacka has pioneered an innovative program of research that examines how individuals’ diets and other lifestyle behaviours interact with the risk for mental health problems.

May 03, 17

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with Dr Izabella Wentz

Dr Izabella Wentz aka. The Thyroid Pharmacist, is a world-leading functional medicine authority on Hashimoto's thyroiditis and thyroid disorders. In this podcast she shares her personal and professional journey managing thyroid disease.

Apr 27, 17

Electromagnetic Fields: Danger in Disguise?

In this podcast Nicole Bijlsma helps to seperate the fact from the fiction when it comes to illness derived from electromagnetic fields (EMF). 

Apr 19, 17

Figuring Out Fatigue with Dr Carri Drzyzga

When does tiredness become fatigue? How does the clinical picture change and how is a diagnosis reached?

Apr 12, 17

Blending Functional Medicine with Neurology with Dr Brandon Brock

The brain is the body's master-controller, making neuroscience a fascinating area of health care. Dr Brandon Brock is a leading expert in functional neurology and today on FX Medicine he shares his personal and professional experiences in this field.

Apr 05, 17

Targeting Telomeres with Dr Lise Alschuler

In this podcast we learn: What are telomeres? and what can they tell us about the state of our health and resilience to disease? 

Mar 29, 17

Finding Freedom from Fatigue with Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest is an expert in the business of fatigue and the fatigue of running your own business. A successful naturopathic clinician, entrepreneur, published author, mentor and helicopter pilot in-training - today, Tammy shares her personal story of battling burn out, and how she turned this into a major specialisation of her practice.

Mar 22, 17

Liposomes and Heavy Metals with Dr Chris Shade

Dr Chris Shade is an expert on human detoxification and liposomal nutrient delivery. In this podcast he delves into both, ahead of his pending appearence at the 5th BioCeuticals Research Symposium in Australia in 2017. 

Mar 15, 17

SIBO: A Root Cause of IBS? with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis

Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis is a leading pioneer in the field of SIBO and other functional gastrointestinal disorders. Today he shares his insights on the IBS - SIBO connection.

Mar 08, 17

Functional Medicine 2.0 with James Maskell

James Maskell is passionate about helping health professionals create profitable, meaningful and fulfilling careers in functional medicine. Ahead of his speaking engagement for AIMA on "The Future of Medicine" he's joined Andrew on FX Medicine to share some insights.

Mar 01, 17

What's with Wheat with Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi O'Meara is a pioneering nutritionist and the creator of the documentary What's with Wheat? Today she talks to FX Medicine about her research into wheat that culminated in her passion to create a documentary to educate the masses. 

Feb 22, 17

Lara Briden PCOS

Women's health expert Dr Lara Briden takes us through the complexities of the PCOS patient picture and the many opportunities complementary medicine offers to sufferers where traditional medical approaches may have missed the mark. 

Feb 15, 17

The Bitter Truth About Sugar with Prof Robert Lustig

The evidence can no longer be ignored, sugar is to blame for the continual rise in chronic disease. Prof Robert Lustig is a paediatric neuroendocrinologist, researcher, clinician and pioneer of the anti-sugar movement.

Feb 10, 17

Functional Pathology: Neurotransmitters with Beth Bundy

Functional pathology testing for neurotransmitters may offer some insights for practitioners who are treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Beth Bundy talks testing benefits and pitfalls.

Feb 01, 17

Harnessing the Vagus Nerve

Headaches, atrial fibrillation, epilepsy, anxiety and depression? While these conditions may seem unrelated they may all benefit from a potential treatment involving gargling and the vagus nerve. Emrys Goldsworthy takes us through how to harness the vagus nerve.

Jan 25, 17

Naturopaths without Borders with Dr Sean Helser

Today's podcast gives us a glimpse into the world of Naturopaths without Borders. The challenges, learning curves, benefits and obstacles of working to service communities in need using Naturopathic principles of healthcare. 

Jan 18, 17

Cannabis Mythbusting with Justin Sinclair

Does the literature and statistics reflect that Marijuana is a gateway drug? Is medicinal cannabis the same beast as the illicit drug? All this and more covered in this mythbusting chat with Justin Sinclair on cannabis. 

Jan 11, 17

The GAPS Diet with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dr Campbell-McBride joins Andrew to discuss her medical background as a neurologist and neurosurgeon and how her own son's autism diagnosis led her to immerse herself in further education in human nutrition and go on to develop the GAPS nutritional protocol helping families all over the world. 

Jan 04, 17

Fuelling Kids and Home Remedies with Rebecca Guild

There are many barriers to treatment and healthy eating in children, Rebecca Guild has a number of tips on this and some simple home remedies for parents. 

Dec 21, 16

Functional Pathology for Children

Treating kids can be difficult at the best of times and knowing when to undertake testing and what tests are appropriate can be even more confusing, in today's episode, Beth Bundy helps to navigate the waters. 

Dec 14, 16

Dirty Kids are Healthy Kids

Paediatric neurologist, Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein, works with...well, dirt! Dr Shetreat-Klein has found her niche teaching her patients to embrace germs and not be obsessed with the modern day culture of sanitisation.

Dec 07, 16

Functional Pathology: Methylation

Methylation Assessment using Functional Pathology. Why should we do it and what does, and doesn't it tell us about our health?

Nov 30, 16

Identifying and Treating Parasites with Alessandra Edwards

Though Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis are being increasingly detected in patients with unresolved gut disorders, the jury is still out on whether intervention is medically necessary.

Nov 23, 16

Genetics: Personalised Detoxification

How do our genetics determine our capacity for detoxification? How is it measured? Find out with Dr Denise Furness in this enlightening podcast.

Nov 16, 16

Detoxification Detective with Dr Mark Donohoe

Pesticides and poisons can be an unseen force behind patient illness. In this podcast, Dr Mark Donohoe talks about being a "detoxification detective" and helping to solve complex health issues with specific detoxification approaches. 

Nov 09, 16

Environmental Health Hazards

In this podcast Nicole Bijlsma lays out some facts about the air we breathe and the water that we consume and the assoicated health risks. This is compelling information that all health professionals need to be aware of. 

Nov 02, 16

Premature Ovarian Failure

Approximately 1 in 100 women under 40 will experience premature ovarian failure (POF), however most women wont become aware of it until they attempt to have a baby. Today Andrew speaks to Stacey Roberts about how to approach these patients.

Oct 26, 16

L-theanine: A Modern Panacea?

How well do you know L-theanine? In this podcast Dr Lise Alschuler takes us through some "outside the box" uses for L-theanine supported by evidence and her own clinical experiences. 

Oct 19, 16

Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid

There is an epidemic of autoimmunity sweeping the health care landscape and the thyroid is part of the fall out. Today's podcast gives some strategy to rebalancing these issues with integrative medicine.

Oct 12, 16

Postpartum Nourishment with Belinda Reynolds

Dietician, and mother-of-two, Belinda Reynolds takes us through postpartum nourishment for a healthy mind, body and baby. 

Oct 05, 16

Dissecting Chronic Fatigue with Dr Mark Donohoe: Part 2

We welcome back Dr Mark Donohoe to continue his discussion on chronic fatigue syndrome. In this episode find out more about the role of the gut, neural-inflammation and the role of genetics. 

Sep 28, 16

PART 1: Dissecting Chronic Fatigue with Dr Mark Donohoe

In this podcast Dr Mark Donohoe and Andrew explore the complex condition of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sep 21, 16

Biofilms and Chronic Infections with Helen Padarin

In this podcast we're joined by Helen Padarin, who shares her valuable clinical expertise treating infections, biofilms and gut imbalances.

Sep 14, 16

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis with Clint Paddison

Clint Paddison turned his health around and healed himself of his Rheumatoid Arthritis. In this podcast we learn how he came to find a successful protocol for RA and how he's taught thousands of other sufferers to do the same. 

Sep 07, 16

Endometriosis: Answers Beyond Surgery and The Pill

Medical solutions to endometriosis are limited to simply pain medications, hormonal therapies such as the OCP and surgical intervention. Natural medicine truly has a lot to offer to sufferers as highlighted by Stacey "The Babymaker" Roberts in this informative podcast. 

Aug 31, 16

Genetic Testing: Promises and Pitfalls

Would you like to hear how to apply genetic testing in your practice from a lady who is both a geneticist AND a nutritionist who has worked in research and clinical practice? 

Aug 24, 16

Integrative Dietetics in Public Health

Insights & barriers into the practical implementation of integrative nutrition in the public health model of remote communities of Australia. 

Aug 17, 16

Hallmarks of Healthy Menstruation with Lara Briden

Lara Briden discusses the hallmarks of healthy menstruation and what can go wrong.

Aug 10, 16

Functional Pathology: Assessing Intestinal Permeability

How do we assess patients for intestinal permeability? Naturopath, Beth Bundy takes us through functional pathology options.

Aug 03, 16

Sick Building Syndrome with Nicole Bijlsma

Is your home or workplace making you sick? Nicole Bijlsma is an expert in the area of Building Biology. She recently joined Andrew to discuss the ever-growing issue of sick building syndrome. How do we recognise it? How do we test for it? How do we treat it? 

Jul 27, 16

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis: The Naturopathic Way

Skin conditions can be notoriously challenging to treat and seborrhoeic dermatitis is no exception. Naturopath, Danny Urbinder, shares his approaches to addressing this condition.

Jul 20, 16

What is SIBO? with Dr Nirala Jacobi

Bloating, foul-smelling wind, chronic abdominal discomfort, nausea, even malnutrition. These are all symptoms of SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Jul 13, 16

Treating Psoriasis with Natural Medicine

Psoriasis can be a confounding condition to treat, often with mixed results through traditional medical treatments. Conversely, an integrative medicine approach has a lot to offer as we explore in this podcast, with naturopathic skin expert Ananda Mahoney. 

Jul 06, 16

The Truth About Coffee with Dr Lise Alschuler

Arguably the most popular beverage in the world, it has been the subject of much conjecture in the scientific literature. Today's podcast explores the evidence for and against coffee consumption. 

Jun 29, 16

An Introduction to Genomics in Modern Medicine with Dr Mark Donohoe

In this podcast episode, Dr Donohoe gives us a brief introduction into this world of genetics and what this means for qualified healthcare practitioners and their patients.

Jun 22, 16

Emerging Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine

In today's podcast, Dr Mark Houston covers the relevance of patient genetics in understanding the progression of disease, as well as the modifiable risk factors and key methods of assessment based on his clinical experience.

Jun 17, 16

Vitamin K: The Misunderstood Vitamin with Dr Hogne Vik

Vitamin K is a poorly understood fat-soluble vitamin that is making its way out of the shadows and into the light, thanks to new compounds supported by great evidence. Today we look at this evidence - could Vitamin K be the missing link you're looking for in certain conditions?

Jun 15, 16

Food and Mood with Dr Deanna Minich

Dr Deanna Minich speaks to Andrew live from the 4th BioCeuticals Research Symposium about her research background and her protocol for breaking down patient's negative connections with food. 

Jun 10, 16

Eating Organic: Australian Research

In this podcast find out what Dr Liza Oate's research uncovered about the effects of eating organic vs. non-organic diets.

Jun 08, 16

Forging the Microbiome

In today's podcast Belinda Reynolds takes us through the changing understanding of how the human microbiome is seeded from birth to infancy and beyond

Jun 01, 16

Biotoxic Immune Threats and Chronic Inflammation

As an integrative physician with a background in Traditional Chinese medicine, Dr Heyman's core areas of expertise include the effect of biotoxins on the immune system, chronic inflammation and consequent neuroinflammation.

May 27, 16

Pregnancy: Safe Immune Support

There's nothing worse than getting sick whilst pregnant. Our fertility expert, Stacey Roberts takes us through the safe approaches pregnant women can take if they're faced with acute illness.

May 25, 16

Passion for Paleo with Pete Evans

Pete Evans has become the iconic face of the Australian Paleo movement and has changed countless lives by inspiring people to adopt healthier eating practices. In this podcast we talk to Pete about his passion for cooking and creating healthy food. 

May 20, 16

Nutrition for Healthy Ageing with Chris Oliver

Our nutritional requirements change depending on what life stage we're in. Today's podcast explores the complexities of nutrition, ageing and sarcopoenia.

May 18, 16

The Grain Dilemma with Dr David Perlmutter

Dr David Perlmutter spoke recently with Andrew at the BioCeuticals Research Symposium. He answers the question: Is wheat bad for everybody? The answer might surprise you!

May 13, 16

Eating for Immunity

We are probably in the habit of recommending key dietary interventions for chronic disease - but how in-depth are we getting with our advice for acute immunity - eg. infections, coughs, colds and flus? Dr Mark Donohoe, as always, delivers some interesting and salient points.

May 11, 16

Parasites: Friend AND Foe with Mike Ash

Challenging the status quo of whether a parasite is a "friend" or a "foe". We welcome back Mike Ash to explore the immunological impact of parasites. 

May 04, 16

Meet Alessio Fasano - Pioneering Zonulin Researcher

Taking time from his busy schedule presenting for the 4th Annual BioCeuticals Research Symposium, Dr Alessio Fasano spoke to Andrew about his discovery of zonulin and what it means for a wide variety of medical conditions. 

Apr 27, 16

Digestion, Biodiversity and Wellbeing with Dr Mark Donohoe

This podcast explores the many facets of managing the commensal and pathogenic organisms that live within and upon for supporting wellbeing.

Apr 20, 16

Pioneering Wellness with Prof Marc Cohen

Prof Marc Cohen is a pioneer of the wellness industry. Championing research, mentoring students and occupying positions on many medical and integrative medicine boards. He's also regularly representing the industry in the media. Today we explore his research and the many other functions of his career. 

Apr 13, 16

Severe Crohn's Disease: A Patient's Perspective

In this podcast, Andrew talks to Megan Bowness; Founder of a charity called Dream Kicks and a naturopathic student, who has turned her severe and life threatening Crohn's Disease around by integrating complementary and conventional medicine. 

Apr 06, 16

Personalising Patient Nutrition with Victus Health

Victus Health helps practitioners connect to patients via technology, to help them manage their food intolerances beyond consultations. In this podcast we're joined by co-founder Pauline O'Sullivan to learn about what the program has to offer & how it came into existence. 

Mar 24, 16

Decoding Health Media: Beyond Hype & Headlines

In this podcast; combing through the differences between how research is reported in the media and the real-world clinical relevance of the information. 

Mar 23, 16

Mineral Ligands: Choosing the Right Combination

Ligands are ions, molecules, or a molescular group that bind to another chemical entity to form a larger complex. In nutritonal medicine, practitioners need to understand why to select certain mineral combinations for the best clinical outcome. This podcast looks at this in greater detail with leading nutritional biochemist, Dr Bob Buist.

Mar 16, 16

Nutrigenomics: Personalised Nourishment

Ahead of Dr Deanna Minich's visit down-under as a key-note speaker for the 4th BioCeuticals Research Symposium, we caught up with her to talk about personalised approached to nourishment with nutrigenomics.

Mar 09, 16

The Clinical Applications of Whey

A leading authority on Whey Protein and it's clinical benefits; Dr Robert Buist shares his knowledge. 

Mar 02, 16

Defining Treatment Aims for Methylation, MTHFR & Pyroluria

Belinda expertly navigates the complex nature of patient care for Methylation Disorders, MTHFR and Pyroluria. 

Feb 24, 16

Meet Dr David Perlmutter: The Empowering Neurologist

International best-selling author & integrative neurologist Dr David Perlmutter joins Andrew on the Podcast ahead of his trip downunder for the BioCeuticals Research Symposium.

Feb 19, 16

Functional Pathology: Thyroid, Adrenal & Sex Hormones

Beth Bundy uses the analogy 'The Three Legged Stool' to represent the triad of the adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones and their interplay.

Feb 17, 16

The Hibernating Thyroid

Dr Mark Donohoe postulates that low thyroid function may purely be a state of hibernation to slow function and thus minimise potential for health damaging effects. An interesting and informative podcast that challenges the usual paradigms of thyroid treatment strategy. 

Feb 10, 16

Ending Anxiety: An Evidence-Based Approach

Recognising, diagnosing and effectively treating anxiety with an evidence-based integrative medicine approach.

Feb 03, 16

Overcoming PCOS for Pregnancy

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is "the most common endocrine metabolic disorder in women around the world". 

Jan 27, 16

Part 2: Cannabis Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy

Delving into the complex phytochemistry and pharmacognosy of the various cannabis species in part two of this informative podcast series. 

Jan 20, 16

Male Infertility & Libido

Male infertility is a relatively unexplored reason for couples being unable to conceive - yet, it's likely to be responsible in up to 20% of cases.

Jan 13, 16

An East-West Approach to Eye Disorders

Naturopath Moira Bradfield shares with us her clinical experience working in a multi-modality clinic specialising in the treatment of complex eye disorders.

Jan 06, 16

Pyroluria & Methylation

Pyroluria is an emerging consideration in the treatment of mood disorders. In this podcast, Dr Mark Donohoe explores the integrative therapists approach. 

Dec 23, 15

The Oral Microbiome

We often think of good bacteria in our small and large intestines, but what about our mouth? Today we explore the oral microbiome with holistic dentist, Dr Steven Lin.

Dec 16, 15

Probiotics as Medicine

Probiotics have a plethora of applications. In this podcast we explore some medically diagnosed conditions for which they are clinically appropriate.

Dec 09, 15

Mythbusting Lactate-Producing Probiotics

Belinda Reynolds explores the pathogenesis of D-Lactate and reveals it may not be the culprit first thought, but rather a victim of circumstance.


Dec 02, 15

Unravelling Detoxification with Dr Mark Donohoe

With the benefit of over two decades of experience to look back on, Dr Mark Donohoe takes us through the changing face of detoxification.

Nov 25, 15

Cannabis Phytomedicine | Part 1: Responsible Clinical Use

Join Justin Sinclair, in Part 1, of a two-part interview series covering off the responsible use of medicinal cannabis. Justin takes us on an entertaining and informative journey through the history of cannabis in medicine, and the opportunities it presents for the future.

Nov 18, 15

Assessing Liver Detoxification

In this episode of the podcast we're joined by Beth Bundy to cover the importance of the liver in detoxification and how the integrative medicine practitioner approaches assessing liver function. 

Nov 11, 15

Autoimmunity: Safe Natural Approaches

Autoimmunity is a rapidly evolving health issue. Though there is a multitude of illnesses, there are some commonalities in treatment approach, which Belinda and Andrew explore today.

Nov 04, 15

Lyme Disease Controversy

The existence of Lyme Disease is a contentious issue in Australia. We discuss with Jennie Burke of Australian Biologics about testing, politics and incidence in Australia.

Oct 28, 15

New Frontiers in Detoxification

In today's podcast Dr Shade takes us through  the various species of mercury and the synergistic layering that can occur with heavy metals, toxins and other environmental pollutants to the detriment of human health

Oct 21, 15

Part 2: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

There are far more people abusing legal drugs than there is illicit drugs, it's a much bigger problem! Some prescription drug classes cause major social issues with addiction or dependence with subsequent deleterious effects on personal health and family welfare.

Oct 14, 15

Food Sovereignty and Inherited Toxicity

Growing up in rural New South Wales gave Sarah Lantz a grounded appreciation of food. A connection to food origins is something most of society has now lost, but its an area Sarah is passionate about.

Sep 23, 15

Part 1: Integrative Therapies for Drug Detoxification

Greg Mapp is one of the founders of Mirikai, the revolutionary drug detoxification facility situated on the Gold Coast. The centre is now government funded and has grown into one of the largest of such centres in Australia. 

Sep 16, 15

Understanding Hormone Profiles: Functional Pathology

Beth Bundy is a Melbourne based naturopath with a strong focus on the interplay of the thyroid, adrenals and sex organs.

Sep 16, 15

Naturopathic Principles of Gut Repair

As a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with 13 years experience, Amie takes us through some core Naturopathic Principles that form the vital components of a successful, and wholistic gut repair program.

Sep 02, 15

The Antioxidant Myth

In the 1960s Denham Harman hypothesised the free radical theory of ageing, but was himself frustrated by his inability to prove it. Fifty years later the theory still remains unproven.

Aug 26, 15

The Microbiome: Beyond the Gut

Not too long ago, beneficial bacteria was only thought about in relation to the gastrointestinal ecology. However in recent years we have discovered that the body plays host to a myriad of distinct bacterial colonies that play a vital role in health and disease.

Aug 19, 15

Insights into Cancer Support

Lise explores the emotional impact which patients have to endure when faced with a cancer diagnosis and the strategies to maintain optimism, she reveals some of the newer diagnostic criteria and tumour-activity markers, and discusses the place of safe, supportive care in cancer patients to aid in the orthodox treatment, including exercise, stress management, sleep and healthy, vegetable-based diet.

Aug 15, 15

Sports Medicine: The Science of Compression Wear for Performance and Recovery

Athletes are always looking for ways to improve performance and one of those ways is to reduce recovery time.

In this podcast, Exercise Physiologist, Nick Morgan explores the research into SKINS compression wear and their influence on performance and recovery.

Aug 12, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Extemporaneous Dispensing - The Clinical use of Calcium-D-glucarate

Calcium D-glucarate has some great clinical applications for detoxification, gut and liver health.

Aug 05, 15

The Case for Naturopathic Registration with Dr Amie Steel

Dr Amie Steel is a true leader in the Naturopathic profession and she wants to protect safe and qualified naturopaths from the actions of non-qualified persons which sometimes surface in the media. This podcast is highly contentious because "Naturopath" is not a protected title, allowing anyone to use the it.

Jul 29, 15

Meet Roberto de Souza; BIMA Award Winner for Excellence in Chiropractic

In today’s podcast Andrew chats with recent BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award (BIMA) winner for “Excellence in Chiropractic", Roberto de Souza.

Jul 15, 15

FERTILITY: Thyroid and Adrenal Stress with Stacey Roberts

Below optimum functioning of the thyroid and adrenals can have deleterious affects on fertility. Stacey Roberts, an international fertility expert, shares her strategies for treating this in her infertility clientele.

Jul 15, 15

The Successful Management of Pain

Sarah Franklin is a Registered Nurse, Naturopath and Acupuncturist whose passion is supporting cancer patients before, during and after orthodox therapy. Sarah successfully uses an integrative approach to reduce the side-effects of orthodox treatments and enhance quality of life of her patients.

Jul 08, 15

BONUS: FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Prof Marc Cohen and his journey to Integrative Medicine

Prof Marc Cohen has already had an illustrious career in integrative medicine and shows no sign of stopping! Prof Cohen is one of the co-authors of one of the principal integrative medicine textbooks "Herbs and Natural Therapies: An Evidence-Based Approach”. This book was voted in the top 4 resources for GPs to access unbiased information on natural therapies and is now in its 4th edition.

Jul 06, 15

Extemporaneous Dispensing: The Clinical use of N-acetyl Cysteine

In today’s podcast Andrew is joined by dietician Belinda Reynolds. Belinda has over 15 years experience in Integrative Medicine. She is a senior educator and lecturer for BioCeuticals, and has a true gift for pulling clinically relevant information from research.

Jul 03, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: Dr Kylie Dodsworth and her Journey to Integrative Medicine **AIMA Conference Special**

Dr Kylie Dodsworth is an integrative general practitioner who specialises in treating chronic, complex and confounding conditions which in the modern medical model, are often ill-defined and poorly treated.

Jun 30, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Meet "Student of the Year" Claudette Casey Freeman **BIMA Awards Special Edition**

In this podcast Andrew talks to Nutritionist, Claudette Casey Freeman who recently won the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award (BIMA) for "Student of the Year”.

Jun 25, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: Dr Penny Caldicott and her journey to Integrative Medicine *AIMA conference special*

Our medical system is broken and patients are looking, indeed demanding, more integrative care from a diverse array of health professionals.

Jun 23, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: The Many Faces of Pain with Elizabeth Cowley

In this episode, Andrew discusses the many faces of pain with naturopath Elizabeth Cowley. They explore how to effectively manage various presentations with herbs, nutrients, diet, and lifestyle interventions.

Jun 18, 15

Chronic Pain Management

Dr Janet Schloss is a well-known and highly respected Naturopath and Nutritionist who has recently completed her PhD thesis on nutritional supplementation in Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN).

Jun 15, 15

2015 Bioceuticals Symposium Review: Oxidation, Inflammation and Immune Dysfunction

With the help of Dr Mark Donohoe, we will unpack the learning points from the 2015 BioCeuticals Symposium and it's themes of Oxidation, Inflammation and Immune Dysfunction.

Dr Donohoe also touches on the challenges facing modern medicine in the changing terrain of patients who don't fit into a "well-described diagnostic box".

Jun 04, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Prelude to the Integrative Oncology Seminar

In this interview, Dr Alschuler leads us through some of the differences in training and application of Naturopathy in the US versus Australia. She discusses her own journey as a clinician, including her personal experiences with cancer and how they have shaped her practice and approach.

May 28, 15

Genesis of Disease with Dr Mark Houston

According to Dr Mark Houston, a world leading integrative cardiologist, the present medical system is broken and will go bankrupt. Unless we change the model and adopt a new paradigm that utilises a functional approach of prevention, we will inevitably face a very serious health crisis.

May 22, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: NEURODEGENERATION; a network of networks of networks with Dr David Haase

According to Dr David Haase the human body is a network of networks of networks. As a functional neurologist, he is mindful of this fact when treating patients with neurodegenerative disease. 

May 19, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST BONUS: The Hidden Epidemic - Toxicity Explained with Dr Joe Pizzorno

Dr Joseph Pizzorno is one of the world's leading authorities on natural and integrative medicine. He was a key note speaker at the recent BioCeuticals Research Symposium in April 2015 and spoke extensively on the critical topic of toxicity. When Dr Pizzorno began his research into toxic exposure and human toxic load he could not have imagined the extent of the problem.

May 15, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: The Functionality of Cholesterol with Dr Jason Kaplan

According to Dr Jason Kaplan, an wholistic cardiologist from Sydney, the cholesterol story is changing.

When it comes to prevention of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and LDL is only part of the picture. The reality is that the majority of people who are treated for heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.

May 12, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk with Dr Mark Donohoe

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 11% of deaths in Australia.

May 04, 15

Insight into the BioCeuticals Internship Program

In November 2014 BioCeuticals embarked on its inaugural internship program.

Four students were selected to participate in an eight week program with the purpose of learning the process of product development from a company wide perspective. They spent time with each department and were each required to create a product concept, complete with a marketing and education plan.

May 01, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Fertility and Pregnancy Health with Stacey Roberts

In this podcast Andrew interviews Stacey Roberts on her approach to fertility, pregnancy and pre-eclampsia. This is vital listening for anyone wanting to lean more about optimising health for pregnancy and preventing potentially serious conditions.

Apr 21, 15

Depression and Anxiety: Treating the Causes

Depression and anxiety disorders are exploding in prevalence. It is believed that at least 3 million Australians, at any given time, suffer from these conditions. And, while we do have standard medication for many psychiatric and psychological conditions, research shows that anywhere between 60-90% of people prescribed antidepressants fail to get a benefit that is superior to placebo.

Apr 15, 15

Vox Pop from the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium

FX Medicine host Andrew Whitfield-Cook attended the 2015 BioCeuticals Research Symposium and had the opportunity to interview the delegates on their experiences with this educational event. Hear first-hand from attendees their highlights, clinical pearls and light bulb moments.

Apr 15, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Optimizing Brain Function with Dr David Haase

Dr David Haase is an expert in Integrative Holistic Medicine and specialises in functional neurology, neuroendocrinology and neuroelectrophysiology. In this podcast, Dr Mark Donohoe interviews Dr Haase on some of the key themes and insights attendees can expect at this upcoming event.

Apr 09, 15

Vitamin D: The Evidence for Higher Doses with Prof Michael Holick

In this FX Medicine podcast Professor Michael Holick is interviewed on the latest evidence in support of higher dosing of vitamin D and the most recently identified health implications for deficiency.

Mar 16, 15

The Gut-Immune Axis with Mike Ash

The relationship between the gut and the immune system is one of the most exciting and clinically relevant areas of research in molecular medicine. We have learnt that disturbances in gut homeostasis and microbial balance can activate the innate immune system in several ways causing wide and systemic dysfunction.

Feb 12, 15

Migraines, Genes and Nutrition

Migraine is a severe neurological disorder that affects a significant proportion of the population. Prevalence estimates vary between 12 and 25% depending on the population studied. The disorder has a significant genetic component.

Feb 03, 15

Methylation: What is it and who is affected?

Methylation is now a major focus for many health care practitioners. In each of us, this process occurs trillions of times every second and is involved in countless biochemical pathways. Efficient methylation is therefore essential to quality of life.

But, is our approach to methylation disorders appropriate?

Jan 13, 15

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Vitamin D: Pregnancy & Preconception with Prof Michael Holick

Recent studies have shown that women who supplement with vitamin D during pregnancy have a greatly reduced risk of complications including gestational diabetes, preterm birth and infection. In this interview, Professor Michael Holick reviews this research and provides invaluable recommendations for those considering vitamin D supplementation.

Dec 05, 14

FX MEDICINE PODCAST: Toxicity and Detoxification with Dr Joe Pizzorno

In this interview Dr Joseph Pizzorno discusses the exciting advances in our understanding and treatment of toxicity and detoxification.

Nov 26, 14

Successfully Treating Chronic Skin Conditions with Amie Skilton

In this podcast, Amie shares her knowledge and experience in addressing the underlying causes of skin diseases.

Oct 29, 14

Iodine: So much more than just for Thyroid

There is no doubt that iodine deficiency is one of the most profound nutritional concerns in Australia.

Oct 22, 14

Optimising Male Reproductive Health

This interview is essential listening for anyone who is interested in implementing practical measures for improving male reproductive health and sexual function.

Oct 10, 14

The Forgotten Organ: Adrenals

In this interview, Dr Mark Donohoe expertly describes what happens to the adrenal glands when we undergo various types of stress. His comprehensive knowledge of adrenal structure and function brings new insights into this often misunderstood organ. In doing so, Dr Donohoe is able to draw a framework for assessment and treatment that will be helpful to all health care practitioners.

Oct 03, 14

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: New Insights into the NAFLD Epidemic with Dr Bob Buist

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common form of liver disease in Australia. There is increasing evidence for considering NAFLD as part of metabolic syndrome including obesity, hyperinsulinaemia, insulin resistance, hypertriglyceridaemia and hypertension.

Sep 25, 14

Integrative Cardiology: Dyslipidemia and Hypertension

In this interview, world renowned cardioloist Dr Mark Houston discusses his advanced understanding of the real causes of hypertension, lipid disorders and explores the treatment and nutritional therapies that he uses in his practice that make measurable improvements in his patients.

Sep 20, 14

A Revolution in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Statistics show that approximately 50% of patients continue to have CHD or myocardial infarction (MI) despite “normal” levels of these five risk factors as traditionally defined. Find out how heart disease is approached by an integrative cardiologist.

Aug 25, 14

Integrative Pieces of the Depression Puzzle with Dr Jerome Sarris

Depression is a common condition, affecting more than one million Australians each year. When it takes hold, it can be a debilitating illness that robs people of their ability to experience joy, meaning or motivation. Instead, sadness and anxiety can take over.

Jul 23, 14

Integrative Pieces of the Anxiety Puzzle with Dr Jerome Sarris

We are all familiar with what it feels like to react to a stressful or threatening event. That uneasy feeling of worry or panic, coupled with an increased heart rate, rapid breathing and loss of hunger, is a typical physiological response known as ‘fight or flight’.

Jul 23, 14

Proven Benefits of Probiotics During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Lactational mastitis is an infection of one or more lobules of the mammary gland, occurring up to 33% of lactating mothers. Although the condition may happen at any point during the lactation period, between 75-95% of cases occur within the first 12 weeks, with the frequency particularly higher during the second and third weeks postpartum.

Jul 15, 14

Major Advances in Curcumin Bioavailability with Dr Michael Murray

Many would be familiar with Dr Murray and his extensive body of work in the field of complementary medicine research. He has published almost 30 books, selling over two million copies, including the seminal clinical reference Textbook of Natural Medicine.

Jul 15, 14

Rethinking the Cholesterol Paradigm: PART 2

In this, second part of a two part interview with Australia's leading nutritional biochemist, Dr Robert Buist they continue to explore the latest in cholesterol research and its implication to our understanding of cardiovascular health and disease prevention.

Jul 07, 14

Rethinking the Cholesterol Paradigm: PART 1

Rethinking the Cholesterol Paradigm Part 1 is a two part audio interview with Dr Robert Buist, Australia's leading nutritional biochemist. This podcast looks into the latest in cholesterol research and explores the exciting new directions unfolding in our understanding of cardiovascular health and disease prevention.

Jul 04, 14

The Vitamin D Controversy

Professor Michael Holick, the world's leading expert on vitamin D research, responds to some of the more recent negative studies that seem to be so readily picked up by the media.

He then goes on to provide a roundup of some of the exciting, upcoming trials of this vitally important nutrient.

Apr 18, 14