A Closer look at COMT and CBS Genes with Annalies Corse

Today we talk to Annalie Corse about the clinical relevance of COMT and CBS genes. Two important enzymes that are vital for healthy catecholamine, catechol estrogens, several drugs and homocysteine metabolism.

Jul 18, 18

Tick-Borne and Chronic Stealth Infections with Amina Eastham-Hillier

The term Lyme Disease is polarising. Join us today with Amina Eastham-Hillier who specialises in delving into the root causes of infection in tick-borne illnesses.

Jul 18, 18

Movement is Medicine for PCOS with Professor Nigel Stepto

As a clinician and researcher, Professor Nigel Stepto is an expert in the area of exercise and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Today he shares his expertise on movement as medicine for PCOS.

Jul 11, 18

Is Addiction in Our Genes? with Elizma Lambert

What can your genes tell you about your potential for addictive tendendies? Today we welcome back naturopath, Elizma Lambert to share her expertise on this subject. 

Jul 06, 18

Benefits of Acupuncture in PCOS with Dr Carolyn Ee

Being pigeonholed typically as an intervention we think of for chronic pain, acupuncture can often be overlooked as a therapeutic option in complex metabolic disease

Jul 04, 18