Eosinophilic Oesophagitis with Nicole Hannan

Navigating the world of EoE with her own daughter, naturopath, sports scientist and former Olympian, Nicole Hannan has become...

Sep 12, 18

A Timeline of Endometriosis with Rebecca Reid

So, what is the history of the naturopathic interventions in Endometriosis versus what we know now?

Sep 06, 18

Working with Eating Disorders with Natalie Bourke

We are joined by holistic dietician and nutritionist, Natalie Bourke who takes us through her professional and personal expertise on eating disorders.

Sep 05, 18

The Vaginal Microbiome with Dr Jessica Younes

In this podcast, with the help of Dr Jessica Younes we explore the complexities and the outside influences of the vaginal microbiota. 

Sep 03, 18

Emerging Biomarkers for PCOS and Fertility with Leah Hechtman

Is polycystic ovarian syndrome being over-diagnosed? Today we are joined by Leah Hechtman to share some insight into promising new biomarkers for PCOS.

Aug 23, 18