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The Dental Diet with Dr Steven Lin

As a dentist, Dr Steven Lin is witnessing the relationships between dental health and systemic health and/or disease. It has prompted him to re-examine the underlying causative factors and resulted in him writing a book; "The Dental Diet". He talks to use today about what he's uncovered. 

May 25, 18

Infections: An Overlooked Factor in Infertility with Elizabeth Mucci

Naturopath Elizabeth Mucci is at the coal-face of infertility every day in clinic and what she's finding is that there's an alarming trend being overlooked; and that is, underlying infections.


May 21, 18

Practical Interventions for Allergy and Atopy with Nicole Bijlsma

The major drivers for allergy and atopy are multifactorial and complex but indeed, almost all circumstances relate back to modernisation and the industrial revolution. 

May 18, 18

Understanding Group B Strep with Moira Bradfield

Group B Strep is concerning for any mother-to-be. So what role can naturopathic medicine play in treatment and prevention? 

May 16, 18

The Exposome with Vanessa Hitch

The exposome is the lifetime accumulation of toxic burden, spanning from conception to present day and takes into account your genetic and epigenetic makeup as well as your detoxification capabilities which handle this load.

May 08, 18