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Francesca Eldridge

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Francesca Eldridge
Francesca Eldridge is a registered clinical nutritionist and OCD survivor. She is based in New Plymouth, New Zealand and has a special interest in offering knowledgeable support for OCD, anxiety disorders, all types of depression and trauma recovery. She also offers informed support for hyperhidrosis. Francesca is motivated to help increase understanding among natural health professionals of what OCD actually is and how we can best support our clients, and believes that holistic support for mental health conditions offers the best chance of successful management and recovery. This year, Francesca is launching her first online course for people living with anxiety disorders, called the Gateway to Anxiety Recovery (the course Launches in June 2018). francescaeldridgehealth.com
Jun 05, 2019

Those with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are often the victim of ill-informed stereotypes and lack of compassion for the internal agony they're suffering.